Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Radialloy by J. Grace Pennington

Andi Loyd lives aboard the Surveyor as the second medical officer under her adoptive father. The year is 2320 and her life is pretty average. That begins to change when new passengers join the Surveyor. Making her question the only person she has ever trusted completely, the man who took her in with no reservations, her father. When the clock starts ticking down and her fathers life and sanity are on the line will Andi be able to save him and everyone else aboard the surveyor?

This book was a little outside of my comfort zone being a Sci-Fi but despite, maybe because of that, it was a really good book. The world, while fantastical, was realistic giving some of the technology names and purposes, grounding it giving them faults. Making the characters people you can relate to but different enough so that you can tell they're not from our time.

This is a really good book and I urge people who wouldn't normaly give sci-fi a chance to do so. It's worth it I promise!

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