Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dinner For Two by Emily Porterfield

Lucy is a revered food critic. One poor review from her can shut a restaurant down, but what happen when she finds the best haute cuisine served out of a food truck? Russ is the one who owns and operates this food truck and has an absolute love of food and of cooking. These two have completely different personalities, but can they over come their differences?

The opposites attract cliche at it's finest. A little bit too scripted for my taste, the characters are basic archetypes with very little about them to make them stand out. It's a decent little book but with the sheer amount of books available, it's easily forgettable.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Other Sister by Leanne Davis

Jessie Bains is the bad daughter.The one who has done anything and everything to rebel and fight against her father until she's kidnapped. Enter Will Hendricks the soldier her father sent to rescue her. He  finds her in the worst possible conditions, after everything that could possibly done to torture and break a person is done to her. Bringing her home doesn't solve her problems, if anything it makes it worse. Her horrid home life just gets worse with the PTSD symptoms she displays in the privacy of her room. The only person who sees her as what she really is, is Will. With all this trauma she's sustained will she ever be able to be normal, to find love, and be able to love herself?

This book is dark, and it goes to places most books don't dare to go. Jessie has been through more then anyone ever should and manages to come out of it. This book shows the healing process is slow, and you need help one person can not do it alone. They need help and love and support. This book is really good but it's not for everyone. Not by a long shot.

For anyone who has been abused or raped this book may contain trigger phrases and you should not read this if you might have flashbacks.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coven by K.A. Young

Elise is a sorceress, different from a witch by amount of power they are able to access, due to her aunt and her cousin being kidnapped, tortured, and murdered has become the head mistress of the Coven, where young sorcerers and sorceresses are trained. She along with her begrudged betrothed have to take down the most powerful threat ever to face the supernaturals. Will their combined powers be enough? Or will unforeseen circumstances screw everything up? Time will tell.

A fabulous start to an intriguing new series. The universe is so complex involving all of the supernaturals that we've come to know and love. Also there are dark versions of many of them, that have new names and new characteristics. Also the characters are complex and interesting and easy to connect to. I absolutely loved this book. I also look forward to reading more from this author.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Six of One by JoAnn Spears

Dolly is about to marry Harry, she's going to be his seventh wife. If that wasn't scary enough Dolly is a history professor specializing in the Tudors. For those  of you who don't recognize the name, maybe you'll recognize this one Henry the VIII , as in the king who had six wives. Irony, yeah a little bit. On the eve of her wedding she becomes trapped in a place with generations of Tudor women trying to convince her not to make a marital mistake like they all had. Will she marry Harry? Or will she heed the advice of the Tudors?

The history behind the Tudors is incredible, full of twist and turns intrigue and murder lots of murder. And this new take on the history is fascinating. Fleshing out characters that you know some but not very much of. And bringing them to life, and celebrating not just how they died but who they were and what the did. I loved this story, romance and history combined beautifly.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby I'm Yours by Susan Andersen

Catherine is a teacher for the deaf the and the only thing about her life that's remotely exciting is her twin sister Kaylee, who has gotten herself into a world of trouble. So like always she depends on her sister to get her out of it. Enter Sam McKade, bounty hunter, picking up Kaylee for grand theft auto, except he didn't grab Kaylee he grabbed Catherine by mistake. Antics of the hilarious and romantic nature occur. When things aren't as they seem, anything can happen.

Disclaimer this story contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature if you prefer not to read things of that type you might want to avoid this story.

A pretty good story slightly hinting Stockholm Syndrome but still good. For those of you who don't know what that is it's developing feelings for someone who has taken them captive. Still it's a classic story arch if not something to be encouraged in real life. Nonetheless it was a good story and a good quick read.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Six Weeks by Jessica L. Degarmo

Six weeks. Six weeks to make a life changing decision. To keep the baby, put it up for adoption, or abortion. This is the decision that Imogene faces, to become a mom, or not. Taking care of someone is nothing new to her having practically raised her half-sister, but being able to support the three of them, is that something she's ready for?

This story is so very really as it is something that thousands of young women face. The circumstances are different in every situation but it comes down to that one choice. To be a  mom or not. Even without all of the political, and religious pressure, the internal debate to do whats best would be torment. 

This is a subject I don't have first hand experience with, and I'm completely okay with that. This book makes it seem real, the challenges, the fear every thing. I have nothing but respect for the women in these situation, no matter the result of their choice, as long as they made the choice that was right for them.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Summer Dreams by Hebby Roman

Natalia has always felt at home in New Mexico with her abuela and her childhood friend Esteban. She has spent every summer with them since she was a little girl, and has had a crush on Esteban. Since she considered him a playboy she never let him know how she felt, and had been with Horace, a "safe" relationship. Now they've split an Natalia has returned to New Mexico and to Esteban, will they be together? Or will Horace come between them?

A good Latino romance, a woman who accepts her heritage and loves it, along with the man tied to it. While a little cliche it was still a good story. An extremely dense lead woman is what makes the story move along. Esteban's feelings are extremely obvious but she just doesn't seem to get it until the very end, thus you have a story! There is a plot outside of the romance which was my favorite part, along with the Spanish woven throughout the story.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

Starting your life over is difficult, starting your life over with almost no practical experience it's nearly impossible. Add in two kids, a controlling ex, and recovering from an addiction to prescription drugs, Oxycontin in particular, you’re asking for a miracle. Her landlady dying and being hired to clean out her house may not be a miracle in the traditional sense but it very well may be the best thing that’s happened to her since she was a child. Iola (Tandi’s landlady) was a devout woman whose life was dedicated to God and prayer. Her faith may yet be able to help Tandi turn her life around.

Not gonna lie I had a very hard time getting through this book. It’s not that it’s a bad book because it isn't. It just didn't resonate with me, I couldn't connect to it and the message it holds.

That being said it was a very good book, the characters are complex with intricate back stories, the setting is beautifully described. An uplifting tale of faith and strength, and trust. It just didn't click with me, but if it does for you I guarantee you’ll love it.

I received The Prayer Box compliments of Tyndale Blog Network for my honest review which is freely given.  

Good Clean Murder by Traci Tyne Hilton

Jane is a student at Harvest Bible School. She lives off campus and cleans houses to pay for her classes and other expenses. It's just a regular Monday when she goes to clean the Crawford's, but her envelop with her payment isn't where it's supposed to be, or her instructions. Ill at ease she goes about her work and much to her surprise she finds her bosses dead. Her carefully planned life starts to fall apart at the seems, getting evicted, and developing feelings for her teacher. Can she manage to help guide the young Crawford's through this trying time and some how manage to make sense of her own life along the way? Only time will tell.

This is a faith filled novel all of Jane's actions are based on her belief in God and His plan for her. Despite doubts and questions she remains faithful and strengthened by the lord. Along with this faith intensive message, there is a little bit of romance, some murder and intrigue. Basically a well rounded well written book, and a good start to the series.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

She's Not There by Marla Madison

Lisa is a psychologist who works with battered women, while best lecturing she learns there have been a spike in missing women. The apparent thing these women have in common is they've all been abused. Taking these findings to the police does no good as she has no concrete evidence of foul play. Starting to give up hope she meets TJ an ex cop who believes her theory has merit, they team up along with Eric an acquaintance of TJ's and Jeff whose wife is currently missing. With doubts plaguing them and someone out to stop their investigation will they be able to find out what happened to all of these missing women?

This is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning. Teasing you with insights from the killers point of view to the perspective of every one in the group along with a few other characters. I loved this story and all of it's twists and turns. It gets dark it gets emotional and tugs on your heartstrings and you will either love it or hate it personally I loved it. So I recommend it to you dear readers.

Also for anyone in abusive relationship whether you are male or female, you deserve better and there are people who care and can help. Don't stay in that situation especially if you and or your children are in danger. Get help. You can do it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fire Lord's Lover by Kathryne Kennedy

In a land of Elven Lords where they are the supreme rulers,humans such as kings are just pawns, pieces, in their endless games. While they are the only ones who have true power every so often there is a child born with enough power to be taken to the fabled land of Elfhame or that's what the Elven Lords want the parents to think. The one person who has escaped this fate is Dominic the bastard son Mor'Ded the fire Elven Lord. Along with his son a resistance  is growing among the populous and they have placed a good amount of their hopes on Lady Cassandra, a woman who is gifted in dancing, a and the new wife of Dominic. Will they be the first to over throw an Elven Lord? Read and find out.

Have I mentioned I love books with Fae or Elves? Well if I haven't I do, rather a lot. And this is an incredible example of the genera. The setting is in England, primarily London and Bath. For those of you confused it's an AU, alternate universe adding a fantasy element to a real life location. Personally I enjoy these types of books, so I loved it.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Living Lies by Katie Mathis

Melanie Ward is in a word a spy. She's traveled all over the world, speaks several languages, but is a complete novice when it comes to romance. So when she's thrown a curve-ball at work that makes her temporarily resign, she has to figure out how to deal with relationships she's let fall by the wayside and possibly find another one that she never expected. Will she be able to handle this new relationship when she's reinstated at her job?

This was an okay book, didn't live up to the reviews, but still not bad. It wasn't so much a spy novel as a romance with touches of suspense. A good story but don't go into it expecting a spy novel because you're not going to get it. I believe this author has the potential to be a great suspense author just needs to make the romance be a side story not the focus.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Untraceable by S.R.Johannes

Ever since her father went missing a few months ago Grace has been doing her best to find him despite a lack of cooperation from everyone else. The police have given up the search as they have deemed him dead, Grace believes otherwise. Along the way she finds a boy she has more in common with then she ever dreamed possible and whole lot more trouble then she bargained for.

I really enjoyed this book extremely well written, twists with in twists with in twists, and it also includes some really interesting survival tips. When you start this book you will never be able to guess the ending, which is a mark of a good book in my opinion. This author clearly knows what she's doing and I can't wait to read more of her work.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Fine Myth... by Robert Asprin

Skeeve was just your average pickpocket until he becomes apprenticed to a magician and if that wasn't change enough his master gets murdered and becomes apprenticed to a demon. No before you freak out in this series demon means dimension traveler, they don't look like humans as we know them but can hide it well. This demons name is Aahz and this is just the beginning of the tale.

I truly enjoyed this story fanciful and full of adventure short but sweet. Definitely worth the read and I'll have to read more of the series.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dreaming Anastsia by Joy Preble

The story of the Romanov's is a classic that has been told in a million different ways, primarily focusing on Anastasia the youngest daughter of this tragic family. As there are people who still speculate that she survived the massacre that killed her family. In this version of the tale Anastasia survived but barely she is trapped with a mythical creature called the Baba Yaga a fairy tale or should I say nightmare creature from Russia. But enough about Anastasia, for now, this tale is also about Anne her distant retaliative separated by a century or two. Now only Anne can save Anastasia and a few other people who have gotten tied up in this as well.

This story switches between Anastasia, Anne and Ethan giving you all sides of the story. And might I say what a story it is. I must say I love the story of Anastasia since I saw the movie as a child. It got quite a few of the details wrong but it was as good of place as any to start and with the all new twists this story adds is wonderful. I'd love to read more from this author, or more about Anastasia. Both options sound great to me.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beautiful Demons by Sara Cannon

Harper has been in the system since she was eight and has been kicked out of six foster homes this year alone. She's what you might call troubled, things getting thrown, breaking windows and fires none of which she caused. Now she has been placed in Peachville Georgia at the Shadowford Home and some of the people here make Harper seem normal. From the cheerleaders to the mysterious Jackson to whatever is up with the city council. Things are getting strange and this is just the beginning.

Love, love, loved this book. I could not put it down Harper fascinated me and the world that she's in is just incredible. There is so much detail and it's not a cliche it's unique and different and fantasy which is a plus for me.

Read this story and the rest of the series! They are so good!

Friday, February 7, 2014

I Love My Breakup by Sabrina Lacey

Jessica's ex boyfriend is a lying, cheating scumbags and after two months she has moved on. The only thing she misses about a relationship is the sex. Now she has done the unthinkable answering a sex ad. One night and they will never see each other again or will they?

As you can probably tell from the description there is sex in this book so don't read if you're not a fan of such things.

This is a short sweet erotica that is a quick read perfect for a lazy afternoon or late night when you're bored. I enjoyed it and look forward to the rest of the series.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Asenath By Anna Patricio

Everyone who has either grown up Christian or studied Christianity knows the story of Joseph. Not Joesph father of Jesus, mind you, but Joseph son of Jacob who interpreted the dreams of the pharaoh. However you never hear anything about his with his wife. Her name was Asenath and this is her story.

I love historical fiction, stories of people who lived that you only know the basics about. Building a story surrounding them, fleshing them out making them real giving us an idea of who they could have been. Asenath takes a name and creates a person and a history. Giving her purpose and giving an outsiders perspective on such a beloved tale. This is a great story for anyone who is interested by Christian history.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Minstral's Kiss by Laurell K. Hamilton

Meredith is a princess of the Unseelie court of Faerie trying to be the heir to her aunt Andias the queen. Who is for a lack of a better word, insane. The only way she can become queen is to become with child from one of her many consorts. While trying to conceive she and her lovers awaken some of the most powerful wild magic of faerie with wild magic of their own, sex magic.

This book is just wow. For those of you who do not like sex scenes stay away from this book! There are quite a few very detailed scenes. On the other hand if you enjoy that kind of thing this book is for you.

I enjoyed the story the descriptions of the different types of faeries. The conflict between Meredith and Andias, and how Meredith interacts with all of her different lovers. I enjoy this series both because of the faerie aspect and because it is well written.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Assured Destruction by Micheal F. Stewart

Janus has created her own world called the Shadownet and all of her friends live there. They have Twitter Facebook, blogs everything you could want but they aren't real per se they're created from hard drives she's liberated from the shredder from the store she and her mother own called Assured Destruction. All is well on the Shadownet until the newest member Paradise57 gets linked in. Paradise57 is a representation of Jonny a boy from her school and everything starts to go crazy once she adds his hard drive into the Shadownet. Can she figure out who is trying to destroy her life before it's too late?

I absolutely loved this story Janus is an amazingly talented hacker. I know the term hacker has a lot of negative connotations but in this case it isn't meant as such. In this case hacker means some one who is amazing at coding, webdesign and Photoshop. I have friends who can code very similar to this and I consider it to be an incredible skill. This story was intreguing and I really want the rest of this series now. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I did.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Accidental Honeymoon by Alice Toby

Karin is an intern for Emperor one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Despite getting the job on a fluke she's come to like it and quickly becomes fare more involved then she thought would be possible. When she and the CEO become engaged to help mend his image for the sake of the company and a merger with IBS. Will the marriage be more than a sham?

I liked this book when I started it but it quickly became tedious. With lack of pronouns and the descriptions on certain scenes was... not good. The book does contain graphic scenes, but in my opinion they are very poorly done.

I Am Alive by Cameron Jace

In this post apocalyptic story children are ranked when they turn sixteen those who rank lower than five are considered monsters, above five they are segregated by their number the higher the number the higher the status and wealth they are awarded. These monsters have to battle it out in the monster games where no one has ever survived... yet. This year is the 10th anniversary of the games and everything is getting changed around and Decca, Leo and Woo are at the center of it. How they are all tied together and how it all ends up, well I guess you're going to have to read and find out.

For anyone who is a fan of The Hunger Games, or Divergent you are going to love this story. It's full of rebellion and challenging what you are indoctrinated to believe. The characters are strong and unique and plans are placed on Decca and well they don't go the way anybody intended. I loved this story and I can't wait for the next book in the series!