Thursday, February 20, 2014

Summer Dreams by Hebby Roman

Natalia has always felt at home in New Mexico with her abuela and her childhood friend Esteban. She has spent every summer with them since she was a little girl, and has had a crush on Esteban. Since she considered him a playboy she never let him know how she felt, and had been with Horace, a "safe" relationship. Now they've split an Natalia has returned to New Mexico and to Esteban, will they be together? Or will Horace come between them?

A good Latino romance, a woman who accepts her heritage and loves it, along with the man tied to it. While a little cliche it was still a good story. An extremely dense lead woman is what makes the story move along. Esteban's feelings are extremely obvious but she just doesn't seem to get it until the very end, thus you have a story! There is a plot outside of the romance which was my favorite part, along with the Spanish woven throughout the story.

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