Monday, February 24, 2014

Six of One by JoAnn Spears

Dolly is about to marry Harry, she's going to be his seventh wife. If that wasn't scary enough Dolly is a history professor specializing in the Tudors. For those  of you who don't recognize the name, maybe you'll recognize this one Henry the VIII , as in the king who had six wives. Irony, yeah a little bit. On the eve of her wedding she becomes trapped in a place with generations of Tudor women trying to convince her not to make a marital mistake like they all had. Will she marry Harry? Or will she heed the advice of the Tudors?

The history behind the Tudors is incredible, full of twist and turns intrigue and murder lots of murder. And this new take on the history is fascinating. Fleshing out characters that you know some but not very much of. And bringing them to life, and celebrating not just how they died but who they were and what the did. I loved this story, romance and history combined beautifly.

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