Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Other Sister by Leanne Davis

Jessie Bains is the bad daughter.The one who has done anything and everything to rebel and fight against her father until she's kidnapped. Enter Will Hendricks the soldier her father sent to rescue her. He  finds her in the worst possible conditions, after everything that could possibly done to torture and break a person is done to her. Bringing her home doesn't solve her problems, if anything it makes it worse. Her horrid home life just gets worse with the PTSD symptoms she displays in the privacy of her room. The only person who sees her as what she really is, is Will. With all this trauma she's sustained will she ever be able to be normal, to find love, and be able to love herself?

This book is dark, and it goes to places most books don't dare to go. Jessie has been through more then anyone ever should and manages to come out of it. This book shows the healing process is slow, and you need help one person can not do it alone. They need help and love and support. This book is really good but it's not for everyone. Not by a long shot.

For anyone who has been abused or raped this book may contain trigger phrases and you should not read this if you might have flashbacks.

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