Friday, November 29, 2013

Through The Veil by Shiloh Walker

A warrior in her dreams an artist in the daylight, what will happen when Lee's dreams become her reality?

This takes place in an alternate dimension where humans are hunted and taken as slaves and breeding mares by species unable to produce females of their own. Lee has extremely strong magic and may just be the only way to save the human race.

This a beautifully written story with a compelling new world and fun engaging characters. Also Shiloh includes a glossary for some of her new terminology which I find quite helpful.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shattered Promises by Jessica Sorensen

Gemma has lived her entire life without emotions until the come rushing back into her for no reason. Along with the emotions comes dreams about this tall dark stranger and monsters that kill her nightly. Things only get weirder when she meets the man of her dreams.... literally.

I enjoyed this book it was very well done, with a variety of characters and twists and turns you never expect.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones

A woman who has been in hiding for the past six years finally felt safe enough to take a job that reminded her of the past. How wrong she was. Told by her handler that New York was no longer safe Amy left for Denver to start a new life with a new name and no one she knows.

I was very meh abou this book it had more bad points then good in my opinion. There was too much jumping around the main relationship in the book seemed very rushed and only well done in th sex scenes.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

Blood calls to blood, three from her blood unite to triumph the dark with pure light. A story set in the rolling hills of Ireland sprinkled with a dash of ancient magick and done with the talent of an exceptional writer. Iona Sheehan travels to Ireland and meets her cousins Branna and Connor O'Dwyer the tree of which are descended from the powerful Dark Witch Sorcha and her children. In this time they are to battle the shadow that remains of Cabhan a powerful witch that Sorcha bound hundreds of years ago.

Nora Roberts has done it again with this enchanting story that I wasn't able to put down. I finished it the day I stole, I mean borrowed it from my mother.

 I love her use of magick, instead of making it seem completely unreal she makes it feel as if all of us have power no matter how small. She includes things that have been past down for generations, including the main principle of the Wiccan creed, Harm none.

As always her characters are so diverse and all of them come to life beautifully, complimenting and strengthening each other with their differences.

I can't wait until May 2014 when the next book in the series "Shadow Spell" will be released.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Witchling by Yasmine Glenhorn

This is the first book of the Otherworld Series that follows the D'Artigo sisters Camille, Delilah, and Menolly. Half-human and half-faerie they all have their own unique powers, Camille a witch, Delilah a sifter and Menolly a vampire and no not a sparkly wimpy one. Due to being half human their powers tend to go a bit haywire but they can still kick butt.

The D'Artigo sisters have been stuck earthside after having botched one too many missions back home. Placed here so they can't cause trouble things quickly go bad, demons are escaping earthside to look for the pieces to an ancient seal and surprise the only ones that can stop them are the D'Artigo sisters, there is no way this can go wrong, is there?

I loved this book it's told from the perspective of Camille letting you understand her decisions and choices. The characters really come alive, also the amount of diversity in character species is outstanding. Once you finish the book you want to hunt down the sequel and read it as well.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

A young dragon named Firedrake must set off in search of the Rim of Heaven when his home is threatened by humans invading. With his brownie friend Sorrel and a young human Ben he travels far from his home in search of the one place he and his kind can live in peace. As if the journey wasn't perilous enough the also have to contend with Nettlebrand the legendary gold dragon, hunter of the silvers. Along with the danger new friends are found and relationships are forged.

This author has a fanciful way of weaving a story, adding characters at the perfect time. A story that is perfect for audiences young and old. I recommend this for anyone who wants to read a heart warming tale that has been splendidly done. With just the right touch of magic this story is one I will never forget.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Favorite Childhood Series.

  1. Harry Potter                                                                                                                I started this series because my older sister had the trivia board game and i really wanted to play it but I wasn't allowed to until I read the book first.
  2. Inkheart Series                                                                                                      I don't remember how I started this series but I remember thinking I was a lot like the main character and how she viewed books.
  3. Inheritance Cycle                                                                                                   I received the first book to this series Eragon for Easter one year. You can check out the review for that here
  4. Artemis Fowl                                                                                                   This is the first book I had ever seen a trailer for and it truly lived up to it.
  5. Series of Unfortunate Events                                                                       This was the first popular series I read because it was popular. It's still a great series and the only reason I remember what the word penultimate means.


I have decided to make Tuesdats list days. I will post a list of favorites be it authors, series, books, you name it. As always if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to comment.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Laughing Stock by Bradley Hayward

When Micheal is asked to write a play about his life it starts out dull and plain when a writer in the audience decides to help out. Afterwards chaos breaks out as anyone that could possibly be added is. This is a fun comedy for all ages.

This play has a lot of potential for the right group of actors. Either a small group or large one could have a lot of fun and do a good job with it. All I have to find a group of friends to make, I mean volunteer to help me with it.

Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

For those of us who live in the United States we take for granted things like religious freedom. Although it's not completely free of ridicule at least no one has to fear for their life to believe in something other than the normal. In Safely Home you follow a man who goes to visit his college roommate in China who he had spent countless hours pouring over the bible and growing closer in faith together. His roommate dreamed of being a professor but because of his faith his dream can never be a reality. Faith isn't a matter of choice there, it's life or death. To him believing in God is more important then his own life.

This book touched me it's rare that a book can truly open my eyes to things I haven't seen before, considering how much I read. Safely Home was one of the few that are able to. The intense desire to have a relationship with God when it could mean your life is one that I myself lack. I haven't been pushed to choose it over my life. This story though fiction touches the heart as if it were a true story.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

In a nation that is ruled by a never dying king Galbatorix a young boy named Eragon finds a mysterious stone in the heart of the Spine and much to his surprise a dragon hatches whom he names Saphira. With the hatching of Saphira Eragon becomes Dragon Rider, what everyone else believed was just a myth after his home is destroyed he leaves with Brom the village storyteller traveling all of Alagaesia, and trying to avenge the death of his uncle.

I remember when this book was first released over ten years ago. There had been an article in a school magazine saying that this would rival Harry Potter and being a staunch fan I decided never to read Eragon. Then I received it as a present, read it, and loved it.

This is never something I would have expected from a sixteen year-old author. He created an entire new world, he even included a map in the book, new languages, complex characters, and a fascinating story line.

Alagaesia is vast and diverse from densely populated towns, harsh unforgiving deserts, gigantic mountains, and majestic forests. You can see all of them in the map graciously provided.

Also Christopher introduces the Ancient Language, how magic is controlled and no lies can be spoken in this tongue, the Urgal language, and a variation of Dwarvish. Complete with pronunciation guide and definition for certain words in all of the languages.

Besides Eragon and Saphira all of the characters in the book have their own unique back stories, motivations, and dreams.

And the story itself is just perfect and I adore it so much, so read it and enjoy it.

In the words of Christopher Paolini, may your swords stay sharp! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kitchen Princess by Kobayashi Miyuki

A young girl lost her parents and thought life was no longer worth living tripped and almost drowned. She was saved by a mysterious boy who offered her a flan and taught her to smile again.As the girl grew she became determined to enter Seika Academe and find that boy, her prince.

This manga is beautifly done, with fun artwork, characters that constantly surprise you, and even recipies that you can try.

For those of you who are unaware of what manga is, its a type of graphic novel that is read backwards or right to left.

I highly enjoyed this story and i hope you will too.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Shadow's End by Moria Katson (Light and Shadow book 3)

In this final book Catwin and Miriel have escaped from the court but even distance can't stop the treat of betrayal.

I have loved this series from the first page of the first book to the last page of the final one. The characters are diverse and dynamic, the story has so many twists and turns that you're always guessing, and the unthinkable happens.

I have fallen in love with this author's style and delivery. I highly look forward to reading more of her work.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Shadowforged by Moria Katson (Light and Shadow book 2)

In this sequel to Shadowborn Catwin and Miriel are in even greater danger than before. Having survived multiple assassination attempts their only hope if for Miriel to become queen, not for love but out of necessity. Having disobeyed the Duke and being forced into isolation Catwin and Miriel become closer than ever truly two sides of a coin. Exactly what the duke wanted but he wasn't controlling them any more.

This is a sequel I loved almost as much as the original, the plot is gripping, the writing is excellent and you see the characters grow and change. You start seeing distinct differences in all of the characters their wants and desires becoming more apparent. Growing and changing, this story pulls you in and makes you want to finish it as soon as possible. I may or may not have stayed up until one in the morning to finish it. It's a wonderful book I highly recommend it.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shadowborn by Moira Katson (Light and Shadow book 1)

Catwin was a nobody a servant girl good at slipping into places unnoticed and unseen. Until she got caught by the Duke of Voltur and she becomes less than a servant she becomes a shadow assigned to the Dukes niece Miriel. Miriel is taught to seduce and win the heart of the king, where as Catwin is taught to use blades, poisons, and her bare hands to be able to protect Miriel at all costs. Even against the duke.

This book had everything mystery, intrigue, and suspense. You see two girls put through things that someone their age shouldn't ever encounter let alone endure. They act as though they accept the plans that surround them while at the same time quietly rebel.

This is a book I couldn't put down and I look forward to reading the other two books in the series.

The Apostle Murders by Jim Laughter

Everyone has at least heard of the twelve apostles, fewer know how they died, only one has attempted to recreate them. That is what this story is based around one man has decided Christianity has become to lax and needs to return to belief by fear. So he has decided to recreate the murders of the apostles as closely as he can.

This is a gripping story with an interesting plot, and surprise twists. The story switches perspective from the cops chasing the killer to the killer himself, helping you understand both viewpoints.

My main question with the book was what made the killer begin this murdering rampage? It's never addressed very well and I'm curious why not.

This is a pretty graphic novel, if you know anything about the deaths of the apostles you know they are pretty gruesome and they are described very accurately. So if you aren't a fan of gore I'd avoid this book.

All in all it's a good book murder and suspense and a bit of Christianity thrown in. I recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers and also enjoys a touch of religion in their books.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Love (Awkwardly) a play by John Rotondo and Maryann Carolan

This is a short one act comedy set in a high school and follows three very different couples. one very much in love but facing separation, a pair of friends on the cusp of something more, and one that is strained and falling apart at the seams.

This was a very sweet play one I would very much enjoy to see live. It shows the problems a good majority of relationships face and one perspective on dealing with them.


Hey everyone I have decided to expand my blog to include reviews of plays as well of novels and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, poor oppressed step-child goes to the ball, meets the prince, falls in love, and lives happily ever after or does she? In this retelling of the classic tale price charming isn't so charming. Cinderella or as she prefers to be called Ella is an outdoorsy bookworm who has been trapped inside doomed to become a figure head princess. She thought happily ever after meant she would be happy, but she wouldn't not as long as she was going to be a princess.

This story shows that what you want isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Don't let others tell you what is best for you find your own path.
Even if you have to do something completely out of the ordinary and your comfort zone.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Children are meant to have fun and play games, but when the game is a war simulation and pits children against each other to the point it creates hostility then it's Ender's Game.

This is yet another boyfriend recommendation, both because he adores it, it happens to be one of his favorite books and because the movie just came out and he wants to go to it. So far I can't question his taste in books since both of the recommendations from him I've truly enjoyed, though never would have picked up on my own.

This book follows Ender Wiggins and his journey from a semi normal life to becoming a commander in an army by the age of  11 . He is a third, the third child in his family, in a time when population is strictly limited and the only reason he was allowed to be born was because his brother and sister showed the aptitude to be in the army but didn't have the right temperament to become part of the army but Ender did. Even after being taken to the battle school he never fit in mostly due to the interfering of the higher ups. He was separate he was creative, he was there to end the game.

In this book I had to constantly remind myself that Ender is just a kid. He doesn't speak, or act like a kid but he is thrust into a world that he barely understands but he's expected to save. I enjoyed this book, it reminded me that kids are a lot more capable of things than we anticipate, who knows one might actually be what saves us some day.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Phantom of Valletta by Vicki Hopkins

For those of you who have fallen under the spell of the Phantom of the Opera with it's darkly haunting music and tragically beautiful story will fall in love with this story just as quickly.

Set almost a year after the events at the Garnier opera house the phantom leaves Paris behind and taking the name Erik Dante begins life anew. He purchases the Royal Opera House on the island of Malta after it had been severely damaged in a fire. With a new dream can Erik forget Christen Daaé and build a new life? Who knows maybe the impossible will happen and he will be able to find someone to love the man under the mask?

This is a story that captured me from the very beginning. It is beautifully written and the cast of characters incuding old faces and new is exqusite. There are ties to the original that you never see coming. I only wish there was a musical score along with the story, but then again I adore the violin.

I recomend this book to anyone who enjoyed Phantom of th Opera and everyone else for that matter.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

All My Life by Rucy Ban

You meet someone, now this person he or she is the ideal person. Everyone is crushing on them at school they have a ton of friends and they are paying attention to you. Then when everything seems like it's going great they turn and do the absolute worse thing possible to you. After that they blackmail you and you life becomes a nightmare. That's how Kari's story begins.

This book was just a wow book to me. It covered several topics that everyone hopes will never happen to them. Date rape, blackmail, and even AIDS. Along with all these heavy topics we see a girl who's life has been shattered and can never go back to how it was. We see her struggle to handle a burden she shouldn't have to bear. Then she meets Neil her bosses son and although he calls her his angel, he's who saves her.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Girl Least Likely To Marry by Amy Andrews

When Cassiopeia Barclay goes to her friends not wedding, she expects to have fun catching up with her friends then focus on her work as soon as she goes to bed. However she meets Samuel Tucker aka Tuck she falls head over heels in lust? Because in Cassie's no nonsense work filled world there just isn't space for something as silly and insubstantial as love, or is there?

This was a fun quirky romance that helps people understand what you see isn't always what you get, and being book smart doesn't equal being smart with people or your heart. This book also contains some explicit sex scenes if that's something you like or want to avoid.

 I enjoyed this book seeing Cassie open up about things she has kept locked away for years and becoming someone new all because of Tuck. Not that how she started was a bad thing, but because of her level of intelligence (nearly savant level) prevented her from having many true relationship aside from the awesome foursome. Also you see playboy Tuck who had been severely burned by several people open up and start to trust again because of Cassie.

I recommend this book highly and I think most people will enjoy it as much as I did.

Ever After High Madeline Hatter's Story by Shannon Hale

This is a sweet little short story to introduce you to some of the characters in the Ever After High series. A series where the children of fairy-tales begin their second year of Ever After High where they will replay their parents fairy-tales. Or will they, because it's not just the heroes and heroines children, it's the villains offspring as well.

It was a very short story but sweet. I'm now highly considering getting the rest of the series despite all of the other books that I have but have yet to read.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Entanglement by Dan Rix

This is a book I got as a freebie from Amazon one that is a good story and worth it even if it was a little confusing. It's a dystopian romance where everyon is born on the same day at the exact same time as one other person their half. Halves are introduced on their eighteenth birthday. In the rare cases a child is born without a half they are born a stillborn, that is in all cases except one.

Entanglment follows Aaron Harper a seventeen year old boy who, unlike the rest of the kids his age, is dreading his eighteenth birthday. Something is wrong with his clairvoyance channel which may interfere with bonding with his half. Once he meets Amber he starts dreading his birthday for an entirely different reason.

I started this book with really high hopes seeing as I'm a romantic at heart and anything with true love and ment to be loves is right up my alley. However this book was good but not as good as I was expecting it to be. It had a very narrow focus, jumpy narrative, and several unanswered questions.

The book is written in third person yet it follows Aaron extremly closely and it doesn't really allow you to learn much about most of the supporting characters with select  exceptions.

Speaking of supporting characters where most of the characters are seventeen parents are almost entirely lacking.

The ending leaves you with several questions but no answers.

It was a great premise that was attempted in a moderatly good book. I still recomend it but with reservations.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Scott Pilgrim series

Since my boyfriend was the one who inspired me to start this blog I've decided to review one of his favorite series of all time Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley. They are a series of graphic novel and there is also a movie adaptation with distinct differences from the books. Unlike most movie versions these differences were planned and the author and director worked together making the decisions such as who would have certain plot points and differences in characters.

Now on to the review!

So far I've only read up to the fourth book but so far I've highly enjoyed the series. The series revolves around Scott Pilgrim a 23 year old who is a member of a band, recently dated a high schooler and now has to defeat his new girlfriend's (Ramona Flowers) 7 evil exes. This series has good character development, playful story elements, and great artwork.

Starting in book one you see Scott a kid in an adults body start to grow up very slowly but that's what keeps the story interesting. In every book you are introduced to new and quirky characters who help you learn more about Scott and Ramona and their respective histories.

The books also have video game elements, such as certain things Scott does earns him experience and he gains levels. I personally enjoyed this touch as I love video games.

The artwork is also fun and fitting to the story line and characters.

All in all I think it's a good series and I'm glad that despite my initial reservations I took the time to read. Now I'm looking forward to reading the last two books.

Update 11-13

I've finished the last two books and they are definitely the best in the series. I won't give anything away so you should just read them.

Introducing me

Hi world of the internet! My name is Sara and I've decided to start a blog to give reviewing and critiquing books a shot. The books I'll review will be kind of eclectic but I hope you'll enjoy them and if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.