Monday, November 18, 2013

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

In a nation that is ruled by a never dying king Galbatorix a young boy named Eragon finds a mysterious stone in the heart of the Spine and much to his surprise a dragon hatches whom he names Saphira. With the hatching of Saphira Eragon becomes Dragon Rider, what everyone else believed was just a myth after his home is destroyed he leaves with Brom the village storyteller traveling all of Alagaesia, and trying to avenge the death of his uncle.

I remember when this book was first released over ten years ago. There had been an article in a school magazine saying that this would rival Harry Potter and being a staunch fan I decided never to read Eragon. Then I received it as a present, read it, and loved it.

This is never something I would have expected from a sixteen year-old author. He created an entire new world, he even included a map in the book, new languages, complex characters, and a fascinating story line.

Alagaesia is vast and diverse from densely populated towns, harsh unforgiving deserts, gigantic mountains, and majestic forests. You can see all of them in the map graciously provided.

Also Christopher introduces the Ancient Language, how magic is controlled and no lies can be spoken in this tongue, the Urgal language, and a variation of Dwarvish. Complete with pronunciation guide and definition for certain words in all of the languages.

Besides Eragon and Saphira all of the characters in the book have their own unique back stories, motivations, and dreams.

And the story itself is just perfect and I adore it so much, so read it and enjoy it.

In the words of Christopher Paolini, may your swords stay sharp! 

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