Friday, November 22, 2013

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

Blood calls to blood, three from her blood unite to triumph the dark with pure light. A story set in the rolling hills of Ireland sprinkled with a dash of ancient magick and done with the talent of an exceptional writer. Iona Sheehan travels to Ireland and meets her cousins Branna and Connor O'Dwyer the tree of which are descended from the powerful Dark Witch Sorcha and her children. In this time they are to battle the shadow that remains of Cabhan a powerful witch that Sorcha bound hundreds of years ago.

Nora Roberts has done it again with this enchanting story that I wasn't able to put down. I finished it the day I stole, I mean borrowed it from my mother.

 I love her use of magick, instead of making it seem completely unreal she makes it feel as if all of us have power no matter how small. She includes things that have been past down for generations, including the main principle of the Wiccan creed, Harm none.

As always her characters are so diverse and all of them come to life beautifully, complimenting and strengthening each other with their differences.

I can't wait until May 2014 when the next book in the series "Shadow Spell" will be released.

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