Friday, December 26, 2014

Hunger's Mate Part 1 by A.C. Arthur

A Brief Summary: Two people who are both haunted by their past, events that cause them torment even now.He also has a secret, he's not entirely human.  Despite their pasts they are drawn to each other, but will their desire burn them both?

My Review:
This book is part of a novel that has been serialized. Meaning it's one book that has been split into multiple parts, four parts to be exact. While it's a great idea, amps up hype for the story, keeps people interested, as a reader it's super frustrating!

In this first instalment you're introduced to Jewel and Ezra. Both have their secrets but both are pretty loveable nonetheless. He's a rugged man's man and, she well she doesn't truly let anyone in. I really loved the primal nature of the shifters. Especially Ezra, I can't wait to see how they're developed over the three other parts of the book.

This section of the book is set to release January 13, 2015 with the full book releasing in February.

I recieved this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Monday, December 22, 2014

In Time For Christmas by Heather Blanton

A Brief Summary:
 After two years of being married to Dale, Charlene Williams is a broken woman. Both in body and faith for Dale is a prime example of the worst kind of man, abusive and unfaithful. When during one of her punishments Charlene slips back in time, she thinks she's escaped Dale, and found a shot at true love. However God's plan isn't that straight forward. Will she ever be able to go back to the man she loves or will she be stuck with her demons forever?

My Review:
A sweet little love story between the ages. I really enjoyed this novella, it was the perfect length. It tied up all the loose ends and didn't ruin the story by stretching it out.

I really enjoyed how faith was incorporated in this story. It wasn't preached, it wasn't forced, it was like a homecoming. Accepting being hopeful again.

This book does contain fairly graphic descriptions of abuse so if that's a trigger for you don't read this book.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Rilley

A Brief Summary: A zoo is a place where normal people can see exotic creatures. The Great Zoo of China that is now being unveiled will showcase creatures previously believed to be just stories. Dragons, zoos as the world knows it will never be the same.

My Review: This book was mind blowingly amazing. It keeps you hooked from the prologue to the last page. There's an incredible dynamic between the humans and dragons. With one species grossly underestimating the other.

Granted I've had an obsession with dragons for as long as I can remember. Nurtured by books such as Dragon Rider and Eragon I've always wanted a pet dragon but now this story makes me rethink that idea. Oh well that just makes the story better.

I love how the author took so much care in making the idea plausible. Adding in history in the form of myths, giving the dragons abilities that real animals have, and finding the perfect place to set the story.

If any of Matthew Rilley's other works are even half as captivating I'm going to have to look into them. This book is truly a masterpiece.

There is a large amount of gore in this novel but that's to be expected. For as a favorite quote of mine goes " meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

This book is set to be released on January 27th of 2015 it is definitely a book to watch for a pick up when it hits the shelves.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Legacy of the Key by S. L. Morgan

A Brief Summary:
Reece survived her father's death by throwing herself into her schoolwork. Now after finally settling his estate she begins to figure out who she really is. Granted that involves her getting kidnapped, albeit by two very attractive guys and to save her from being kidnapped and tortured by other people, but still it's a scary experience. However being brought to a dazzlingly beautiful dimension, everything getting explained, and being treated as an honored guest goes a long way in mending hurt feelings.

My Review:
This was a wonderfully written story. It's fast paced, funny, and with an incredible love story. Granted an argument could be made for Stockholm Syndrome but she was free to leave after the apparent danger passed.

I always enjoy a story that has a well developed world and this book has that in spades. You have alternate dimensions, each with unique quirks, and within the dimensions you have alternate species. Some similar to humans, some not so much. Pemdas, the dimension Reece is taken to, is described to be extraordinarily beautiful. And if Levi and Harrison's descriptions are anything to go by the men are extremely attractive as well.

All in all a great book that I'd highly recommend.

Friday, December 19, 2014


I'm sorry that I haven't posted very much this month. I've been sick with strep throat and have just been pretty miserable. However I have fully recovered and will be posting a new review within the next twenty four hours. So again I'm really sorry and I will update as soon as possible.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M.J. Rose

A Brief Summary: Sandrine moves to Paris to escape the aftermath of her father's suicide and an abusive husband. Staying with her grandmother, who happens to be a renowned courtesan, she finds Paris to be seductive. Especially mansion La Lune, her family's ancestral home that her grandmother has closed indefinitely. Despite being forbidden she's drawn there and falls under the spell many of her ancestors succumbed to. Will she be able to withstand the curse?

My Review:
This was an incredible story. There's passion, intrigue, and a touch of the occult, a perfect blend of these elements and more.

I love how all of the occult parts of the book are references to beliefs that people used to hold. From alchemy to magic spells they all have their roots in history.

I also enjoy Sandrine's grandmother's reaction to Sandrine's obsession with La Lune, both the house and the woman it was named after.

I received this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram

A Brief Summary:
When tragedy strikes you're supposed to be able to rely on your family and friends right? But for Ellamara that's a little bit difficult, as her mother died in th car wreck that changed Ella's life forever, and her best friend is an internet friend. Now living with a dad she hasn't seen in ten years and his family that she didn't know existed she must rebuild her life. Cinder, her internet best friend, might just be the key do doing that if she can deal with learning who her best friend is in real life.

My Review:
This is a really sweet love story. A Cinderella storyline with well developed characters. A personal favorite moment was what was left instead of a shoe.

This book splits perspectives between Cinder and Ella. Which I enjoyed because it helps you understand some of the decisions they make. And some look pretty bad if you don't know the logic behind it.

I also like how the step sisters aren't one dimensional. They're actually dynamic characters and one in particular I grew to like. The other well... she gets slightly more tolerable.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bond & Benevolence: Good Radical

This book contains spoilers for Bond & Benevolence: Good Raider if you haven't read it go read it. NOW!!!

A Brief Summary: When we last saw Samantha she had been kidnapped while in Darfur now she is being held captive and Ophelia and Mrs. Doyle are trying to cope with the loss. However, they're more focused on getting her back. But getting her back isn't going to be near as easy as they had hoped.

My Review: What can I say this book was just as captivating as the first. As in the first book the story splits perspectives between Samantha and Ophelia. With this being primarily from Ophelia's prospective.

In this instalment of the story you get to see how someone who is so close to a person who has caused incredible destruction copes. How their life is all about survival. Getting through the next day.

You also see Ophelia growing up at an alarming rate. Training to help find her sister. Her family had been shattered before but now it's been splintered and she's clinging to what she has left.

This book was amazing, and I can't wait to see where the series goes from here.

I received this book courtesy of the author in exchange for my review which I freely and honestly give.

The Wells Bequest by Polly Shulman

A Brief Summary: Leo never believed time travel could be real until his sees a time machine in action, and and he's in it! In his quest for the time machine he is lead to The New-York Circulating Material Repository where he discovers the Wells Bequest a special collection that is full of objects from science fiction books, such as shrink rays, submarines, oh and a time machine. When a threat is made Leo and his friend Jaya must travel to 1895 to meet Nikola Tesla and to prevent an invention of his from being stolen. Full of adventure and excitement this book will capture your interest and keep you spellbound from start to begin.

My Review: This book is a companion novel to The Grimm Legacy, not a direct sequel. All that really means is it doesn't directly follow the first book, it's in the same universe but not the same story with the same characters.I really enjoy companion novels, you can read them without knowing anything about the main story. It may have references and you'll understand some of the inside knowledge better if you've read the main story but it's not necessary.

Anyway this book was amazing. Time travel in the hands of two teenagers can't possibly be boring right? You get references to science fiction legends including H.G. Wells,  and Jules Vern, descriptions of amazing technology that was featured in their books, that people in this universe can access.

I also enjoyed that Nickolas Tesla was given props in this book. He is one of the most talented inventors who have ever lived and is just now getting the recognition that he deserves. It's nice to see someone show him as the brilliant inventor that he is.

This book is aimed at a younger audience due to the young age of the protagonists. However someone who's slightly older will also really enjoy this book and understand some of the references to famous books better.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island by Michael Phillip Cash

A Brief Summary: After the loss of his beloved wife Allison Paul struggles to find some sort of normal. The night terrors he's started to have, shared by his son Jesse. One of the first houses he takes on after his wife's passing is Stillwell manor, his friend Craig's childhood home. This home is going to be a tough sell due to the fact the most recent owners committed a murder suicide. Along with the fact that Stillwell has long assumed to be haunted. A haunting that may be connected to Paul's dreams of Allison/

My Review: This is my third book I've read by Michael Cash, and he still blows me away with his talent. The prologues draw you in, the main story keeps you captivated, and the epilogue ties up all of those pesky loose ends.

A favorite part of mine of all of Michael's books is that fact that he weaves past and present together. Allison and her distant relative tied together to create a powerful story. I really enjoyed all of the characters, they're diverse and well developed.

Michael Phillip Cash is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

I received this book from Brittney Bass (Michael's publicist) in exchange for my free and honest review.

Since You've Been Gone by Mary Jennifer Payne

A Brief Summary: Edie has spent the last five years of her life running from her past. From town to town, now to an entirely new country. Throughout this time the only constant she has had is her mom, but now her mom is missing. Alone in England, she can't call the police or they'll alert her father, the reason they've been on the run for so long. Will she be able to find her mother?

My Review: Not going to lie when I saw the title I may have started humming Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Which oddly paralleles this book. Anyway this is an extremely quick read. It's pretty good, but I would've liked it to be a teeny bit longer just for some more details. I liked Edie, but she didn't develop too much over the story.

Also I wasn't in love with how it ended. For lack of a better way to put it, it was unsatisfying. After a grand search the climax is a little anticlimactic. A story that had so much potential feels rushed and underdeveloped. I'm slightly disappointed but the book at least made a valiant effort.

This book is set to release on February 17 of 2015 you can pre-order your copy from amazon now.

I recieved this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tainted Blood by Karen Greco

A Brief Summary: Nina is a witch/vampire hybrid, and a member of an elite branch of the Department of Defense, the Blood Ops. While on what should have been a routine mission Nina and her partner Frankie encounter a vampire with Opium poisoning, something that can actually kill vampires. Now in a race against time they need to find patient zero before the infected vamps can cause any more chaos. While trying to find patient zero the mayor; Bertrand, a closet demon, comes to Nina and Frankie with a job that will end up being more tied up with their current mission then they ever thought possible.

My Review:
This is book two of the Hell's Belle series. As I have a tendency to I dropped into the series in the second book... Oops? Anyway as someone who jumps into the middle of the series I can tell you that you'll be able to figure out what's going on pretty quickly. Personally I grew to care about Nina, Casper, and Frankie extremely quickly. Max well he's just not my type I guess.

To me Tainted Blood has it all; humor, fantasy, mystery and a little bit of romance. It's an extremely well written story, that makes you care about the characters and want to know what happens next in the series.

After a major cliffhanger of an ending I'm going to have to read the next book just so I can figure out what happens.

I recieved this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

A Brief Summary: Taran has always wanted to be a hero but he's going to learn that being a hero is a lot harder than it looks. Along with a rag tag bunch of  misfits he searches for Hen Wen an oracular pig, and travels to Castle Darthyl to warn the king that his enemies are massing and he is on the brink of war.

My Review:
I received this entire series from my wonderful boyfriend for my birthday. He's learned that books are a surefire way to my heart. What an amazing guy :D

Anyway onto the book! I was interested in this series initially because of the movie The Black Cauldron which was loosely adapted  from this series.

From searching for a oracular pig, leading a band of misfits, to making, sometimes costly, mistakes you see Taran grow-up. He starts as kind of an idiot with no common sense, to a leader.

I can't wait to read the rest of the series and see how he develops further.

The Fifth Vertex by Kevin Hoffman

A Brief Summary: On what was to be the worst day of his young life Ursa's world gets turned on its head. Being branded a culled, a non-warrior in Kest is akin to a death sentence, and that is Ursa's fate. He has failed the gauntlet, he decides to take his own life rather than to bear the shame of the mark of the culled. However this attempt wakens an ancient power within him, that may be exactly what is needed to save his world from an ancient evil that threatens to destroy the Vertices, and with them the barriers between the worlds.

My Review:
Loved this book, I loved it so much. From Ursa being a gentle giant, to Ciliax being a good, but slightly power hungry blood mage, to Goodwyn being the master fighter with a secret all his own. A brand new epic fantasy series that will draw readers young and old.

Honestly I didn't read the blurb well enough to know that Ursa was deaf from the beginning. It took awhile to figure out because it isn't a huge deal. The author chose to make it just a part of Ursa rather then define him with it, a choice that I really appreciate.

I also enjoy how you learn a lot about a couple of different cultures from the Kest, where Ursa and Goodwyn are from, to the Beine, a dwarf-like race. The author condenses a lot of traditions and history of these regions into a side part of a wonderful book.

The next book in this series can't be released soon enough, I want to know what happens next.

I recieved this book from NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The One by Belle Ami

A Brief Summary:  Adelia just lost her parents in a tragic accident, that might not have been an accident. Dealing with the grim reality she is now surrounded in she meets Miles, a mysterious man that may have known her parents. They meet while she is competing at the Grand Prix Following a whirlwind romance they fall in love and marry. All seems perfect but Miles twin sister has a secret one that could tear Adelia's world apart.

My Review:
This book was all sorts of confusing. From a prolouge that doesn't tie in, to rapey sex scenes. This book has issues, plain and simple. Don't get me wrong it's interesting, at least in the beginning. I'll admit I almost rage quit when things got too ridiculous.

For a supposedly loving husband Miles is terrible. So many secrets, so many weird ass conversations with his twin, you know something is up. And don't get me started on the extremely twisted twin.

This book has a lot of graphic sex scenes if you're not interested in that kind of thing this book is not for you.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In a Vertigo of Silence by Miriam Polli

A Brief Summary:
Emily's family has secrets. After all who doesn't? But these secrets have caused a family to be fractured, the subtle balance of sanity to be shifted and all for what? A secret that is hidden from Emily from the time she was six weeks old. Now it's the time for the secret to be revealed, how will it coming out in to the open effect Emily and her family?

My Review:
This book spans a wide period of time, from about 1920-1966. Granted it's not linear it's divided up into chapters switching from Emily's perspective to one of her relatives in the past.

The story is one that makes you stop and think. It deals with adultery, death, abuse and mental illness in a time when it was even less understood. All things that are powerful on their own, but woven together as skillfully as Miriam has, it's breath taking.

At times I felt torn in who to root for, I mean Emily is the obvious protagonist but when you learn why some of the other characters made the choices they did, you start to like them more and root for them.

I really hope this author keeps writing. Her work is inspiring and profound, and I'm sad that she has no other novels published yet because I'd love to read them.

Warning this book might make you cry and give you large amounts of feels, and it's completely worth it.

I received this book courtesy of Net Galley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Obituary Society by Jessica L. Randall

A Brief Summary:
Lila Moore has never been to her grandfather's hometown. He had left years ago, but why... well either nobody knows anything or nobody is willing to say anything. Now after his death he leaves Lila his ancestral home, that's filled with memories, history, and secrets. The matrons of those secrets is Auburn's Ladies Society also know as the Obituary Society. These nosy ladies include Lila's great-aunt Ada, who Lila is living with while she's fixing up her grandfather's house. While fixing it up she meets Max the widower with an adorable daughter, and Asher the town lawyer, both are incredibly attractive but are they worth sticking around for?

My Review:
This book is adorable! I love the ladies society, it reminds me of some of the ladies in my town. Growing up in a small town the setting of this story are very familiar to me. It's a nice feeling, knowing everyone and everyone knowing you. There's no better way to grow up in my opinion.

Lila is a wayward girl, her life has been adrift since the death of her grandfather. The story is captivating and it pulls you in, making you want more. Everything comes full circle, from the memories that are sprinkled throughout, to the recipes that are at the end of the book. All the loose ends are tied up beautifully.

Although this book isn't part of a series I could easily see this becoming the beginning of one. Personally I'd love to see more from Auburn's Ladies Society.  However if that's not to be, this is a great book all on it's own.

Monday, November 17, 2014

In Between by Jenny B. Jones

A Brief Summary:
Katie Parker's life is perfect. Well that's if perfect is going to live with a foster family because your mom is in prison for drugs, yeah not quite. Coming to live in the small town of In Between with Pastor James Scott and his wife Millie. After a rocky start with some not so grand people, Katie is on probation, helping restore the Valiant the local theater, and reading to her foster grandmother. Surrounded by a town full of faith will Katie be able to find some faith of her own?

My Review:
A girl who's life has always been a little bit crazy. Growing up a latch-key kid she's always been a little bit of a troubled kid, bad grades, a few little slip ups here and there, but now she's got a real chance. Foster parents that actually care, a town that's tiny but might end up being more than just a stop on the map.

I really loved this. I love Katie how she tries to be a tough girl but she's really just scared. I love how you Katie is realistic and some one you can really root for. This series is adorable and reminds me of the Anne of Green Gables series. A classy down to earth story about growing up.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Flirting with Magick by Leigh Bennett

A Brief Summary:
After finding a spell book Abby decides to try it out. I mean after being dumped by her boyfriend of three years, what could a love spell hurt? But as the book implied the results aren't obvious and Abby has to figure things out on her own. She has to decide between; Scott, the bassist in her cousins band, Josh, her ex, and Sean the cute guy at work. It might not be easy but then again when is flirting with magick easy?

My Review:
Abby's love life is a crazy mess, and that makes for a great story. She is a typical person, who has decided to make some changes in her life. Beginning a new job, going out with friends, changing up her views on relationships, just taking out a new lease on life. However with change comes uncertainty that is, the men, her ex who broke her heart, the rocker who might have stolen her heart, and the sweet boy next door co-worker.

I really enjoyed that Abby showed uncertainty and fear in moving too fast. It wasn't instant love. She gave everyone a chance, either to be nice or because it would be simple. That was great because that's what people do, you slip in to a comfortable relationship because you know them and its easy. Choosing someone new is scary and unpredictable. I loved how this book showed that.

All in all a wonderful book and I can't wait to read more by this author.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hush by Stacey R. Campbell

A Brief Summary
Lili and Graham Henry have always longed for a child, but being unable to conceive they've turned to adoption. Little do they know the precious baby, Blakely, they've adopted is a princess from Tamura. Seventeen years later tragedy strikes the Tamura royal family, a tragic accident at a family reunion resulting in the death of every family member. Well all but one, but the only person who guesses at the relation is Max Ryder. A student at St. Andrews, the nephew of the late princess's nurse, he finds evidence of Blakely's lineage. He heads to Lakeview, her school, in order to find out the truth. But when the truth is discovered protecting Blakely is his only priority.

My Review
I read this series a bit out of order. I received the sequel from NetGalley to read and review and I fell in love with the series. Both book were extremely well written. The story ebbs and flows in a way that always keeps you interested.

You switch between several POV's, from Blakely's, to Max, to the villains of the story. Helping you to understand absolutely everything that's going on. And making you want to warn the character because you know that something's coming.

This is a sweet novel that's good for all ages. It's smartly written, with humor and wit. This is a wonderful author that I can't wait to read more from her.

Here's a link to my review of Whisper.
And here's a link to my interview with Stacey.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Miss Taken by Cleo Scornavacca

A Brief Summary
Rain spent most of her childhood confined due to a rare blood disorder now she faces confinement again, she's been kidnapped! The man who kidnapped her is Dominick Kane the estranged son of her fathers deceased business partner. He wants the share of the business that should have been his birthright and Rain is his way to get it. Despite kidnapping the wrong twin he's not going to stop until he gets what he wants, Rain and his dad's share of the business.

My Review:
This is a slight twist on your usual kidnapped victim falling in love with her captor. Rain having been confined for most of her life, isn't exactly docile, Dominick has way more trouble on his hand then he bargained for.

The family dynamics are a bit weird. Rain is close to her father despite living apart from him most of her life. And the twin dynamic is odd they act close in the beginning but they truly aren't and I'm really not a fan of Raven she seems a bit of a spoiled brat.

This book has very graphic sex scenes, so if you're not interested in that don't read this.

After reading this book I was intrigued enough to read the sequel, that's where the interest stopped. However Miss Taken is a good book, the rest of the series... well I'll let you decide.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings

A Brief Summary:
Rosa Garner is a young widow who has left her home in Mexico to travel with her mother-in-law to Texas. Here is the ancestral home of her late husband, after being shunned by her family it seems like the best place to start over. To her it represents her hopes and dreams maybe even a place to find love, but the town is skeptical as she has no idea how to behave like a lady. In steps Weston  Garner, he'll do anything to protect his family and that now includes more. But when she gets feelings for him outside of the realm of family things get a might bit more complicated.With only three months to save her new home will Rosa be able to do it, and manage not to fall for Weston?

My Review:
This is a sweet love story with a hint of faith. Rosa is a young widow who never had the love of her husband. Weston is a widower who blames himself for the death of his wife. The two are an unlikely couple, but when has that ever stopped anyone?

I adored the importance of family in this story. From Rosa's determination to help her mother-in-law, to the overwhelming support of the extended family. All in all a good read.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Flip by Micheal Phillip Cash

Take a dilapidated house fix it up a bit and sell it. That's house flipping, Brad and Julie's hope for the future. To get her out of a dead end job with a sketchy boss, and to get him out of driving limos and doing landscaping. So they've taken a pretty big risk, an old Victorian home, it's a steal of a price but what's wrong with it? Well there's a lot of work that needs to be done, oh and it's haunted. There is that minor detail, and one of the ghosts has a tiny bit of a thing for Brad, but nothing could possibly go wrong could it?

This is a book that once you pick it up you don't want to put it down. After reading The After House, I was really excited to read more by Micheal Cash, and this doesn't disappoint. It seems he has truly found his niche. Tying the past into the present, having two distinct story lines mesh beautifully, all masterfully done.

I enjoyed how Julie and Brad's personalities are altered when in the house. Seeing as they are being influenced by the resident ghosts. Of the characters Gerald is my favorite, he's one of the ghosts. He's the most level-headed and in my opinion has the best back story. Tessa, the female ghost, however I'm not a major fan of.

Personally I'm really curious about the Sentinels, the guardians of the lost souls. They've made an appearance in both of the books I've read so far and they seem to have abilities that have yet to be explained. I hope future books touch on them more.

I can't wait to read more by Micheal he clearly knows what he's doing.

I received this book courtesy of Micheal's publicist in exchange for my free and honest review.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bedding the Wrong Brother by Virna DePaul

After being dumped for a younger woman and told that it's because she's lousy in bed, Melina decides to enlist the help of her childhood friend Max to teach her the secrets of sex. One thing you should know about Max, his twin brother Rhys is the one Melina has been in love with for years. Max is just... safer, she's sure she won't lose her heart to him. However all bets are off when she wakes up next to the wrong brother.

A tale of childhood crushes coming to fruition, a sweet yet steamy love story. What would you do if you ended up in bed with the person you've been in love with forever and they thought you were someone else? Go with it and prove what you feel for them is real, or chicken out?

I really enjoyed the back story of the boys. Growing up the sons of traveling magicians and falling in love with the craft. Staying in touch with the one person outside of their family that has been with them their entire life. And one moment that changed the fate of Rhys and Melina forever. What that is however you'll just have to read and find out now won't you?

This books has explicit deceptions of sex so if you're not into that I don't recommend this book.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The After House by Michael Phillip Cash

 A fresh start, a new home, that's just what Remy and Olivia need. A year after a messy divorce things are finally starting to look up. What they don't realize is someone already lives in the new house.

This was a sweet ghost story. Switching from the past perspective of Captain Eli (the resident ghost), to the present perspective of Remy. Eli was a whaler, a hunter in order to provide for his wife and family. He has lost his memories of when he died. Now he's stuck.

I really enjoyed this book. It was so very sweet, a little bit of romance, a little bit of mystery, and a little bit of a ghost story. The way all of the elements are blended together are done masterfully. This author clearly knows what he's doing.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my fee and honest review.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Runes by Ednah Waters

Raine's life is average, two best friends, obsessed with swimming, just a typical teenager. That all changes when Torin St. James moves in next door. Despite having been in love with Erick for as long as she can remember she is drawn to Torin. But when strange things start happening Raine starts to miss her boring life. After all being in love only matters when your alive right?

This was a good paranormal fantasy. You have people with awesome abilities, who are also divided into different sub groups. Getting a glimpse into Raine's history just makes her more interesting. And the Erick vs Torin decision is fun to read about.

I really enjoyed the use of Norse mythology. Compared to Greek mythology you don't really have many books focusing on it. Which is really nice because it gives the author a lot more leeway.

The sneak peak of the next book has me very intrigued. I'm very curious what will happen to Raine, Torin, Erick and Cora.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Job by Janet Evanovich and Goldberg Lee

Nick Fox is a criminal mastermind. Able to pull of anything from a heist to an incredibly detailed con, he's the best of the best. However he's established a relationship with the FBI so he helps them get the marks legally. Alongside Fox is Agent Kate O'Hare, keeping him on a short leash to the strait and narrow. This time the mark is a drug lord, one with a fondness for chocolate, and for killing everyone he's ever done business with. Will this be the con that not even Fox can pull off?

If you want a book that will capture your interest from the second you pick it up, this is definitely one to consider. From Nick the ex-con man, to Alex's ex-military father, you get a wide array of characters with distinct personalities. Personally I liked Nick and Jack the best. Nick because he's sarcastic and clever and is a person who I'd love to meet, but would hate to be on his bad side. Jack because I love when you have a father who clearly dotes on his daughter but teaches her practical skills, such as how to kill a person with what you have in your sack lunch.

Another part of the book I enjoy is how the authors go into detail about the skills required from each member of the team. From building the set for the con, to the computer design, or even the actor that made it all believable.

This is my first foray in the the series, and it doesn't disappoint. With only allusions to the prior books you can read this with no previous knowledge. It explains the relationships extremely well so there's no guessing at who's who.

I received this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Wrap up for 1,000,000,000 challenge!

This month I read twenty-five books, including a couple of mangas, one one-act play, and two novellas, all for a total of 7,481 pages.

This brings my current total up to 14,381 pages read. So I'm a little over 1% done with the challenge!

Two of my favorites from this month have been:

Whisper: It's an amazing YA mystery with just a touch of romance. I received this book courtesy of NetGalley, and I also had the opportunity to do an interview with the author Stacey, if you missed out on the interview click here to read it

Stardust: A fantasy romance, finding love where you least expect it.

Over all this month I read more thrillers then anything. I've just been on a kick of them, and I look forward to seeing where November takes me in the realm of books. Hopefully I'll get some awesome new ones for my birthday.

If you want to see what all I've read for this challenge click here. Also if you have any suggestions for books leave a comment and I will try my best to get to it!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Return to Exile by Lynne Gentry

A year in exile has been hard on Cyprian Thascius. Before his exile he was a man of firm faith and belief  so firm he willingly offered his life for his faith, but since returning his faith is unsure. He left behind a wife Lisbeth, a woman who had fallen into his life from far in the future, but upon his return she was gone, returned to her own time.  Cyprian with the help of his late friends dear wife he tries to rally the believers in this trouble time. A few months later his wife comes home to save him and prevent an epidemic, bringing with her their daughter, Maggie. However in the time Lisbeth was gone and his exile lifted Cyprian has married another and she carries his child. Will fate allow these star crossed lovers to be together, or will all end in tragedy?

I liked and didn't like the characters.Cyprian because he terribly failed at the two wives thing. He blatantly ignored Lisbeth most of the time, when by all laws she was his true wife. Ruth was Cyprian's second wife and Lisbeth's closest friend, the fact he was barely home from exile and she married him right a way was a sucky move, but was also a major plot device. The other characters I mostly like some I wish I knew more about, but I'd probably learn quite a bit from reading the first book.

I really loved the time travel aspect of this story. How it is all tied to one point, one cave, one source of water. Also how time passes differently, what was a year and a half in third century Carthage, was almost 6 years in the 21st century. It allowed for Maggie to be born and to be old enough to have a personality, mind and fears of her own. It was slightly weird however when it came to Cyprian meeting his daughter, he could have been a little more shocked at the fact that she was 5 rather than slightly over a year as she would have been if born and raised in Carthage.

All in all I liked this book and the series shows some definite promise. This is the second novel in The Carthage Chronicles however you get enough back story as to not be confused.

I received this book compliments of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

She's Gotta Be Mine by Jennifer Skully

When something crazy what do you do? Change your hair, attitude, wardrobe, maybe even your name? That's Roberta, now Bobbie's, response for her husband, Warren, leaves her for his high school sweetheart. She creates a whole new her and moves to Cottonmouth where her ex-husband and his lover live. This couldn't possibly go wrong now could it? Well things are actually a bit more complicated then she originally thought. Cookie, Warrens lover, hasn't asked her husband for a divorce yet, oh and there's a serial killer who lives across the street from her.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked how it switched perspectives, how you get an idea of the whole story not just one persons side. You get to she Bobbies, Nick (the serial killer), Warren, and a few others.

There is murder and intrigue, and a steamy romance. Something for everyone really.

The two characters I didn't like where Warren because he's a spineless twit, and Cookie because she's a manipulative bitch, but she's an antagonist so you're supposed to hate her. Warren on the other hand is just a pathetic little worm.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unilateral by Chris Katsaropoulos

In a war each person feels insignificant. The people that walk around everyday afraid they'll have a bomb dropped on them. Or the people who drop the bombs, that are able to kill without thinking, without risk to themselves. What if one person would decide not to drop the bomb, to take the unilateral approach?

This was an extremely short, yet powerful book. Set in the middle east a place surrounded by unrest. In Amel's world there is the end of a cease fire, terror. But in Ra'anan's world his head is in the clouds, with his viper and his payload. The two never meet, but they share a connection.

Can one person's decision actually lead to change? I don't know, but it's worth it to try.

I received this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Interview With Stacey R. Campbell

I can't tell you guys how excited I am to bring you this interview with Stacey. She has been an absolute dream to work with, and I couldn't have found a better author to do my first interview with. So without further ado her it is:

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you became an author?

I did not become a writer until I turned 40. That’s not to say I didn’t want to be a writer though. I have a learning disability called dyslexia and from a very early age, my teacher told me that I could never be a writer. This was crushing. I had stories playing out in my head that needed to get out, but I believed what I was told and was afraid to try. Finally, after having kids of my own I found that I could not look at them and tell them they could be whatever they wanted to be when they grew up if I did not do the same. So I sat down at the computer, turned on spell check and started to write.

Whisper is the second book in your Lakeview Novels, was Whisper your original title or did it change as the book progressed?

I am lucky to be signed with a smaller publishing house that allows me to be involved with the development of my books. Did you know that most authors don’t get the final say in what the title is? They don’t even get the last say in what their covers look like. I did luckily. In fact, before I even finished Hush, book one, the titles for all four books in the series Hush, Whisper, Scream, & Silence were approved.

Did you have trouble switching from the perspectives of your original protagonists from Hush to your new protagonists in Whisper? And did you have a favorite person to write from the perspective of? 

The Lakeview series, Hush Whisper Scream, & Silence are very easy for me to write, the first drafts of each taking just under 6 months to produce. The only reason they are easy though is because they are loosely based on my three daughters and the actual boarding school they attend, Shawnigan Lake School. Check out their website, you’ll laugh. In fact in each book I use our daughter’s names as the leads, with their permission of course.
Each character is the combination of about five people and I write in depth profiles on who I want each character to be before I even start writing an outline. I have the forms I use on my website under the  “on Writing” tab so people can get an idea of the process.
That being said however, I guess theirs; Blakely, Leigh & Halle are the perspectives I like writing the best because I feel closer to them even though they are away at school. Blakely is now away at college, so who knows, I might have to write my next series on a University campus.

I know this is a pretty cliche question but did you have a favorite character? If so who and why?

That is a hard question for me to answer. Right now I am in the middle of outlining book four. My favorite character in the series is North, but he doesn’t play a big roll in Whisper. For Whisper it might have been Calum. I like his journey from jerk to good guy. I also really like Elsie. She’s the first ghost I’ve written and it was really fun to write her into scenes.

You have another book in the works for the Lakeview Novels can you tell me anything about it?

I am super excited about this next book, Scream. Unlike the other books this one starts out with a romance and then tells the story of a friendship. I also dive into the power of rumors and how awful hearsay is. It’s a lot of action, more so then the other two books. I’m hoping it will keep the reader up well into the night because they can’t put it down until they’ve finished the whole story. Scream is at the editors now but look for it in March 2015.

I cannot thank Stacey enough for this opportunity to do this interview with her. She was absolutely incredible throughout the entire process. I highly recommend checking her out.

Here's a link to my review of Whisper. You should read that then get both of the books that are out so far, and join me in impatiently waiting for Scream.

Here are some links to check out Stacey, so click them.
Check out her website: to keep updated on her new works.
She's on Facebook:
She is also on Twitter: @staceyrcampbell

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Murder of Adam and Eve by William Dietrich

What would you do if you were thrown back in time to prehistoric Africa? That's what happens to Nick and Ellie but if that wasn't bad enough they've been told to save or condemn Adam and Eve, and with them all of humanity. No pressure right?

I really enjoyed this book, it was fast paced and gives you an idea of how people survived so long ago. It gives you an idea of how they hunted and how they lived. How they courted, and what we've evolved from so long ago.

 A part that I found very interesting was how they used articles from someone who is only referenced a few times, to give you sort of an idea that time flows linear-ish after you go through the warp hole. It doesn't give you a true timeline but you get an idea.

I really liked Nick as the protagonist. He grew accustomed to his new surroundings, not fearing change he might inadvertently bring, but also only causing change in order to achieve his goal of protecting Adam and Eve. Ellie makes a great counter point causing him to think over every decision that he makes.

The ending was extremely well done. It will lend itself well to a sequel if one's in the works, or it is a good stand alone ending. No cliffhanger, everything tied up, but the potential to continue on.

I recived this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my review which I freely and honestly give.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Embryo by J.A. Schneider

When two extremely rare chromosomal abnormalities cause two infants and one mother to die, both with in hours, Jill Raney begins to get suspicions. However she's only a first year resident and no one believes the two could possibly be related. So she starts an investigation, shaking up the hospital and what she finds is worse then she'd feared.

This book was an intense read, probably more so because my cousin just had a baby girl, and this book tells in pretty explicit detail some of the worst case scenarios for a pregnancy. So if your pregnant or know someone that's pregnant and are prone to panic and worry DON'T READ THIS BOOK. Wait until the baby is born you'll stress less.

Along with an intense thriller the book also has a semi believable romance. Personally I think it's too quick and doesn't have a lot of time to develop. But that's just my opinion.

Even though this book is rich in medical jargon it is pretty well explained so everyone can understand it.

I really enjoyed this book overall, and might have to look into the rest of the series.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons by Akira Himiekawa

Based on the game made for the Gameboy Color you follow a young incarnation of Link as he does his best to rescue the Oracle of Seasons. Our young hero is not alone however he has his friends Ricky, Piyoko and the witch Mable by his side to help him defeat Onox, the general of darkness.

This was one of those books that I never really planned on reading, I just kind of picked up and decided why not. Of course it helps that my boyfriend is a Zelda fanatic and had it, but I'm definitely glad that I picked it up.

One of my favorite things about the manga is that instead of being the everyman Link has a personality. Something that most games shy away from unless they're a JRPG, for a good reason everyone can relate to an everyman character too much of a personality and you limit your audience.

My favorite character would have to be Piyoko, the adorable little chick. He's sweet and knowledgeable, and helps Link realize his potential.

I really enjoyed this book and I will have to kidnap the other books in the series from James.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Dark Prayer by Natasha Mostert

What are we if not a collection of memories and emotions? Well except for Eloise Blake, she is living in a Fugue state, where her memories of her past and who she is are just...gone. Enter Jack, the son of Jenilee's(Eloise) godfathers old friend. He is asked to get her to help remember who she is with one minor complication, she doesn't want to.

I loved this book. The entire concept of what was done to Jenilee when she was a young girl is fascinating and disturbing that something like that could potentially be done to a young child.

The concept of a Fugue state is incredible to me, how a simple stressor can cause you to forget everything and become someone completely different. It's very uncommon and generally doesn't last very long, but it's very intriguing and just a tiny bit terrifying.

I like that you got to learn about who Jenilee was and who Eloise made her self into. The dichotomy of who they are, the uncertainty of what would happen with her relationship with Jungles and Jack if she were to slip out of her fugue state, and what would happen if she remembered what sent her into the fugue state in the first place.

Mnemosyne, each of their individual approaches to memory, and what they were willing to do in order to advance their discoveries was intense to say they least. They were so dedicated, but succumbed to greed and the cost.... well you'll just have to read and find out for yourself now won't you?

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my review, which I freely and honestly give.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Genome by Sergei Lukyanenko

Alex Romanov is a master-pilot recently released from the hospital. Upon his release he stumbled into helping a young girl through her metamorphosis, a painful and dangerous process, where her altered genes come to the forefront making her the special she was always meant to be. A special being a person who was altered as an embryo to be part of a specific profession. Alex determined to help the young special and to do so he accepts the role of captain of the Mirror, he gets to choose his own crew, the pay is really good, the only catch is he has no idea of what type of missions he'll be running. Sounds too good to be true, and you know what? It is.

This book was pretty incredible. It raises some questions as to what is a human and at what point should the line be drawn when it comes to modifications. From the lead in the bodies of engineers, to pilots inability to feel romantic love, each special is different and customized based on their parents wishes.

The characters that we get the chance to meet are diverse and amazing. The specialties that they have are varied so each person has quirks based on the specialty or specialties that they possess.

Not only are the human specials fascinating there are also different humanoid species. Between the different humanoid species there are complex inter-species relationships. This universe was masterfully created. There are a few things that are slightly odd to me, as in why a parent would consent to make their child a geisha-spesh (seduction specialist), or a couple of the other specialist types mentioned.

This book contains some graphic content so if that isn't your thing this book might not be for you.

I received this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my review which I freely and honestly give.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Billionaire Borrows a Bride by Myrna MacKenzie

Spencer has spent most of his life trying to avoid the "Fairchild Curse" that is falling in love with his soul mate. His grandmother though is a believer and a very strong proponent of love, and that is what inspires Spencer to take Kate Ryerson to his grandmothers birthday celebration. Seeing as Kate is a woman who doesn't believe in dreaming they should be safe from falling in love, right?

This was a really sweet book. The love story is gradual based on an encounter when Spencer and Kate were children and who they've grown up to be. Although my favorite characters weren't the protagonists they were sweet little Toby (Kate's son) and Loretta (Spencer's Grandmother). They provide the main motivation between the couple coming together and are very well developed side characters.

The only downfall of this book comes in the epilogue. Where you see the tail end of a resolution without having a clue how it came about.

Other then that minor flaw this was a short sweet read that I highly recommend. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Forever Dreams by Leeanna Morgan

When a chance to find her father and to be a cowgirl comes up what other choice does Gracie have but to take it? Gracie comes to visit Montana when she's offered the opportunity to work on a ranch and help teach kids her class had been corresponding with all year. Here she meets Trent McKenzie the time hardened divorcee who just might have a soft spot for a certain fiery red head.

I really liked this story. A short cute love story. The characters are easy to connect to, they are humorous and well written. The love story is believable and well paced. All in all a charming little story to read.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Whispers by Lisa Unger

Eloise had the perfectly normal live; loving husband, two beautiful if rebellious teenage daughters, everything she ever wanted until her worst nightmare came true. After a tragic accident and the loss of part of her family something strange starts to happen to Eloise.

This was a really good novella, short and sweet. With the fantasy elements being really subtle and not ridiculously out there but still giving the tantalizing view of the paranormal. I also enjoyed the really realistic portrayal of loss. How people cope in different ways, at different speeds, and how one event can cause two people to react in completely different way.

All in all a must read, I can't wait to see where the series goes from here.

I received this book compliments of NetGalley in exchange for my review which I freely and honestly give.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

In England there is a small town called Wall, that was named for the wall that bordered it to the east. This wall is carefully guarded every day of the year except for one day and night every nine years when the Faerie Market takes place. Tristan Thorn however goes across in pursuit of a star, not just any star the most recently fallen star. To find the star and bring it back to win the hand of Victoria Forester. However he's not the only one looking for the star.

Loved, loved, loved this book. I had watched the movie and fallen in love with it. And this book, although quite different from the movie, was just as good.

It's a dark fairy tale, twisted with a bit of gore. Showing you that not all fairy tales are filled with happiness and light. That they can be dark and everything still can turn out alright.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Eyewitness to Murder

Joe Bernardi has worked in Hollywood for a long time so when a movie remake of the TV show "Marty" he's skeptical. However when Bunny, his one that got away, is in New York desperate for help where "Marty" is being filmed he jumps at the chance to be near her. What he doesn't count on is her witnessing a murder and getting entangled in the investigation. Will he be able to find the murderer before the murderer finds Bunny? 

I really liked this book. It doesn't seem like part of a series, I'm sure there are references that I missed, but it stands alone extremely well. The characters develop well over the book and there doesn't seem to  

The mystery twists and turns from start to beginning. It also intertwines some pretty heavy issues, namely alcoholism, both Bunny and Joe's first wife are alcoholics. From AA meetings to the pressure of not having even one drink for fear of spiraling.

One thing that I really loved was that every loose end was tied up, with the murder, with Bunny and even with Marty. You get a conclusion to everything, you even get  a little bit of history about "Marty", seeing as it was a real movie in the 50's.

I received this book in exchange from NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Upcoming Event!

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to be hosting an interview with Stacey Campbell! She is the author of Whisper a book that I received from NetGalley. I'm very excited to be able to share this with you, and will give you more details as soon as I can.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Death of a Spy by Dan Mayland

Mark Sava is an ex CIA operative who's finally got a semi normal life. A beautiful wife, precious newborn daughter, and a thriving new spy-for-hire operation. However when one of his agents, Larry Bowman, dies of a heart attack while on an assignment, Mark chooses to go claim his body from a hotel in Tbilisi. While at the hotel he finds a self portrait from a woman in his past, spurring him into investigating further. Now everything has pretty much gone to hell. Will he be able to figure out what happened to his friend and be able to deal with the demons from his past?

This book shows you the full life of a spy. It's not the glamorous James Bond of a spy, but the real slower paced sneaking around. Not to say this book didn't get exciting, but that wasn't until most of the way through the book.

The main thing that got me about this book is that I didn't really understand a lot of the politics mentioned in the story. Granted that it could be that I live smack dab in the middle of the US and that's not something I hear about on a regular basis. However Dan did a really good job of describing the relations between the countries so that by the end I had a decent idea of what was going on.

All in all this was a pretty good book. I had a bit of a hard time getting into it but after I did I enjoyed it very much.

I received this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my review which I freely and honestly give.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Empath by Erica Crouch

Odessa is a seventeen year-old girl who has been forced into the life of being a charlatan by her mother, who is devoid of any real power. Odessa having a strong moral compass tries to convince her mother that shamming people is a bad idea only gets punished if she does to much to go against her. However after her mother is rendered disabled in a seance gone so very wrong, she is the one to run the show, reading tarot and palms to keep them fed. But when someone wants her to hold another seance, to open the door one more time, will she be strong enough to face it?

I really liked this book. It might help that I have a minor fascination with the Tarot, and the occult to be honest. And this book handles these ancient practices perfectly. From sage to ward away evil spirits, to the descriptions of her tarot and palm readings. Erica really nailed it.

The characters are also extremely well developed. From the antagonist Madame Elena, and the sweet strength that is Odessa, to the sweet charming nature of Benjamin. She weaves them throughout the story to keep you attached, or to further the story.

All in all this book was wonderfully done and I look forward to reading more of the series.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my review which I freely and honestly give.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Midnight Watch by M.J. Lowell

 A very skilled thief has his eye on extreme prize. The Empress of Midnight, the Faberge egg designed in honor of Halley's Comet, that is in the possession of Dimitri Petrovich, a man with questionable. All that's standing in the way of the prize is investigator Cassiopeia Reynolds and Agent Parker from Interpol, and a state of the art security system. Will the exploits of Dimitri and his porn-star mistress distract them? Or will they get too wrapped up in each other?

This is the brand new novella by M.J. Lowell, the author of Reckless Games and it defiantly doesn't disappoint. There is suspense, and intrigue, and lots of steamy moments that keep you hooked. The characters are fantastic, the descriptions are tres manifique.

 This book contains scenes that are of an adult nature so if you aren't into that I'd avoid this book. If not it's pretty much amazing.

This novella gives you a tantalizing hook into a brand new series, one that I can't wait to get a hold of.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pretty Little Liars by Sarah Shepard

A group of five friends bound by a terrible secret, but when the keeper of the groups secrets, Allison, disappears the group falls apart. Three years later four of them reunite. Now some one is telling all of their secrets. Their lives could be ruined if anyone finds out the secret that bound them together originally. The only question is who could this person, this -A person.

This book was free on Amazon the other day and since I really like the series on ABC Family. This book didn't disappoint it about covers the first episode and there are some differences but none too insane. A couple of the main characters have siblings that don't exist in the book series, along with a few other minor differences.

The book switches between the perspectives of the four main characters; Spencer, the perfect one, Hanna, the preppy, Aria, the rebel and Emily, the sporty one. Each of them of have secrets to hide, along with ones that they share.

This is a good book series, for young adults.

Whisper by Stacey R. Campbell

A boarding school haunted by the ghost of the founders daughter, Elsie Stewart. Who died with a terrible secret, now one hundred years later, it's time for the secret to be revealed. Halle finds her journal while helping clean out the attic of the administration building. This reveals that there is a treasure hidden somewhere on campus. She enlists the help of her big sisters friend Leigh, Leigh's roommate and her boyfriend, and Elsie's distant retaliative Callum. Callum and Leigh have a past, but that doesn't stop sparks flying every time they're near each other. Will they be able to find the treasure before the end of school? And will Leigh and Callum manage not to kill each other? All this and more await you within the pages of this book.

This book has everything, mystery, intrigue, romance, and suspense. The point of view switches between Halle, Leigh, and Callum. The main perspective however is Leigh's as you read more from her than from anywhere else.

I really loved the setting of Lakeview Academy. It's described as a vast campus, with several dorms, several sports fields, it seems amazing. I always wished I could go to a boarding school, but since that never happened I just live vicariously through books like this.

Whisper is the second book in the Lakeview series, but this book is perfectly capable of standing on its own. There is a few references to the previous book, but nothing that will make you completely lost and confused if you don't read the first book.

If you have a chance to read this book I highly recommend it, for myself I'm going to have to obtain the first book.

I received this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bond & Benevolence: Good Samaritan by J.C. Johnston

All Ophelia ever wanted was to play an instrument, then one magical day she revives a violin in exchange for a promise she will take good care of it and learn to play.  Her first lessons come from Samantha, the same girl who gave her the violin. Seeing as Sam's father is a bit... over protective, he escorts her to the lessons. While there he starts to open up to Gail (Ophelia's mother) something he hasn't done since Sam's mother died. Time goes on and the parents fall in love, and everything seems perfect, but looks aren't what they seem. When some problems from Sam's fathers past come into the present thing will never be the same.

I really enjoyed this book. It was well written and I truly enjoyed the character of Sam. How she turns from a good spirited young girl, to a woman changed by tragedy, betrayal, and the loss of all of her mother figures.

This book is told from Ophelia's perspective, but she isn't the main focus, it's Sam. The changes she goes through the decisions she makes, focused on her. You do see hints of Ophelia but not as much as you'd expect from a story written in first person. It threw me a little bit at first but I grew to like it.

Another thing that I enjoyed was the starkness of the differences between Ophelia and Sam's background. Sam grew up in one of the richest communities, where as Ophelia grew up in the Bronx. The writer seemed perfectly at ease with both settings.

I am so happy I got a chance to read this book. It's one of those that show the best and the worst of humanity side by side. Where the evil may seem insurmountable but the good slowly chips away at it little by little. It helped restore my faith in humanity a little bit.

I received this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my review which I freely and honestly give.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mindspeak by Heather Sunseri

Lexi Mathews attends a high school for the uber wealthy. Where privacy and protection are par for the course. Everyone at this school has secrets, Lexi's just happen to be a tiny bit more dangerous, seeing as her father is a researcher in the realm of genetics. Some of his work has questionable ethics, so at school no one knows that Lexi is related to him. That is until she meets new student Jack DeWeese. His father had worked with hers on some projects with sketchy moral grounds. That's not all, Jack and Lexi both have abilities that they have no idea where they come from. When Lexi starts getting threatening emails she has to decide to either face her problems, or run away and hide.

This was a pretty decent book. It was a bit of a let down due to the fact that it had all this lead up about "The Program" and you never really get any information about them. And that sucks because it would make the book so much better.

Don't get me wrong the book had a lot of very strong points. Such as Lexi and Jack's abilities. Those abilities grow and kind of change throughout the story. Which I really enjoyed.

Lexi and Jack are also very interesting characters and well developed. The side characters are also very well developed. I enjoyed that the villain of the story wasn't an obvious choice. I don't know about you but I adore when that is the case. If I can guess it within the first few chapters then the entire story is a bit of a let down.

I'm probably not going to read book two, because the series didn't capture my attention enough. It's a decent read but not one that I'd read over and over again.