Monday, November 10, 2014

Bedding the Wrong Brother by Virna DePaul

After being dumped for a younger woman and told that it's because she's lousy in bed, Melina decides to enlist the help of her childhood friend Max to teach her the secrets of sex. One thing you should know about Max, his twin brother Rhys is the one Melina has been in love with for years. Max is just... safer, she's sure she won't lose her heart to him. However all bets are off when she wakes up next to the wrong brother.

A tale of childhood crushes coming to fruition, a sweet yet steamy love story. What would you do if you ended up in bed with the person you've been in love with forever and they thought you were someone else? Go with it and prove what you feel for them is real, or chicken out?

I really enjoyed the back story of the boys. Growing up the sons of traveling magicians and falling in love with the craft. Staying in touch with the one person outside of their family that has been with them their entire life. And one moment that changed the fate of Rhys and Melina forever. What that is however you'll just have to read and find out now won't you?

This books has explicit deceptions of sex so if you're not into that I don't recommend this book.

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