Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Flip by Micheal Phillip Cash

Take a dilapidated house fix it up a bit and sell it. That's house flipping, Brad and Julie's hope for the future. To get her out of a dead end job with a sketchy boss, and to get him out of driving limos and doing landscaping. So they've taken a pretty big risk, an old Victorian home, it's a steal of a price but what's wrong with it? Well there's a lot of work that needs to be done, oh and it's haunted. There is that minor detail, and one of the ghosts has a tiny bit of a thing for Brad, but nothing could possibly go wrong could it?

This is a book that once you pick it up you don't want to put it down. After reading The After House, I was really excited to read more by Micheal Cash, and this doesn't disappoint. It seems he has truly found his niche. Tying the past into the present, having two distinct story lines mesh beautifully, all masterfully done.

I enjoyed how Julie and Brad's personalities are altered when in the house. Seeing as they are being influenced by the resident ghosts. Of the characters Gerald is my favorite, he's one of the ghosts. He's the most level-headed and in my opinion has the best back story. Tessa, the female ghost, however I'm not a major fan of.

Personally I'm really curious about the Sentinels, the guardians of the lost souls. They've made an appearance in both of the books I've read so far and they seem to have abilities that have yet to be explained. I hope future books touch on them more.

I can't wait to read more by Micheal he clearly knows what he's doing.

I received this book courtesy of Micheal's publicist in exchange for my free and honest review.

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