Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Obituary Society by Jessica L. Randall

A Brief Summary:
Lila Moore has never been to her grandfather's hometown. He had left years ago, but why... well either nobody knows anything or nobody is willing to say anything. Now after his death he leaves Lila his ancestral home, that's filled with memories, history, and secrets. The matrons of those secrets is Auburn's Ladies Society also know as the Obituary Society. These nosy ladies include Lila's great-aunt Ada, who Lila is living with while she's fixing up her grandfather's house. While fixing it up she meets Max the widower with an adorable daughter, and Asher the town lawyer, both are incredibly attractive but are they worth sticking around for?

My Review:
This book is adorable! I love the ladies society, it reminds me of some of the ladies in my town. Growing up in a small town the setting of this story are very familiar to me. It's a nice feeling, knowing everyone and everyone knowing you. There's no better way to grow up in my opinion.

Lila is a wayward girl, her life has been adrift since the death of her grandfather. The story is captivating and it pulls you in, making you want more. Everything comes full circle, from the memories that are sprinkled throughout, to the recipes that are at the end of the book. All the loose ends are tied up beautifully.

Although this book isn't part of a series I could easily see this becoming the beginning of one. Personally I'd love to see more from Auburn's Ladies Society.  However if that's not to be, this is a great book all on it's own.

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