Monday, November 3, 2014

Runes by Ednah Waters

Raine's life is average, two best friends, obsessed with swimming, just a typical teenager. That all changes when Torin St. James moves in next door. Despite having been in love with Erick for as long as she can remember she is drawn to Torin. But when strange things start happening Raine starts to miss her boring life. After all being in love only matters when your alive right?

This was a good paranormal fantasy. You have people with awesome abilities, who are also divided into different sub groups. Getting a glimpse into Raine's history just makes her more interesting. And the Erick vs Torin decision is fun to read about.

I really enjoyed the use of Norse mythology. Compared to Greek mythology you don't really have many books focusing on it. Which is really nice because it gives the author a lot more leeway.

The sneak peak of the next book has me very intrigued. I'm very curious what will happen to Raine, Torin, Erick and Cora.

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