Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In a Vertigo of Silence by Miriam Polli

A Brief Summary:
Emily's family has secrets. After all who doesn't? But these secrets have caused a family to be fractured, the subtle balance of sanity to be shifted and all for what? A secret that is hidden from Emily from the time she was six weeks old. Now it's the time for the secret to be revealed, how will it coming out in to the open effect Emily and her family?

My Review:
This book spans a wide period of time, from about 1920-1966. Granted it's not linear it's divided up into chapters switching from Emily's perspective to one of her relatives in the past.

The story is one that makes you stop and think. It deals with adultery, death, abuse and mental illness in a time when it was even less understood. All things that are powerful on their own, but woven together as skillfully as Miriam has, it's breath taking.

At times I felt torn in who to root for, I mean Emily is the obvious protagonist but when you learn why some of the other characters made the choices they did, you start to like them more and root for them.

I really hope this author keeps writing. Her work is inspiring and profound, and I'm sad that she has no other novels published yet because I'd love to read them.

Warning this book might make you cry and give you large amounts of feels, and it's completely worth it.

I received this book courtesy of Net Galley in exchange for my free and honest review.

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