Monday, November 17, 2014

In Between by Jenny B. Jones

A Brief Summary:
Katie Parker's life is perfect. Well that's if perfect is going to live with a foster family because your mom is in prison for drugs, yeah not quite. Coming to live in the small town of In Between with Pastor James Scott and his wife Millie. After a rocky start with some not so grand people, Katie is on probation, helping restore the Valiant the local theater, and reading to her foster grandmother. Surrounded by a town full of faith will Katie be able to find some faith of her own?

My Review:
A girl who's life has always been a little bit crazy. Growing up a latch-key kid she's always been a little bit of a troubled kid, bad grades, a few little slip ups here and there, but now she's got a real chance. Foster parents that actually care, a town that's tiny but might end up being more than just a stop on the map.

I really loved this. I love Katie how she tries to be a tough girl but she's really just scared. I love how you Katie is realistic and some one you can really root for. This series is adorable and reminds me of the Anne of Green Gables series. A classy down to earth story about growing up.

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