Friday, November 14, 2014

Hush by Stacey R. Campbell

A Brief Summary
Lili and Graham Henry have always longed for a child, but being unable to conceive they've turned to adoption. Little do they know the precious baby, Blakely, they've adopted is a princess from Tamura. Seventeen years later tragedy strikes the Tamura royal family, a tragic accident at a family reunion resulting in the death of every family member. Well all but one, but the only person who guesses at the relation is Max Ryder. A student at St. Andrews, the nephew of the late princess's nurse, he finds evidence of Blakely's lineage. He heads to Lakeview, her school, in order to find out the truth. But when the truth is discovered protecting Blakely is his only priority.

My Review
I read this series a bit out of order. I received the sequel from NetGalley to read and review and I fell in love with the series. Both book were extremely well written. The story ebbs and flows in a way that always keeps you interested.

You switch between several POV's, from Blakely's, to Max, to the villains of the story. Helping you to understand absolutely everything that's going on. And making you want to warn the character because you know that something's coming.

This is a sweet novel that's good for all ages. It's smartly written, with humor and wit. This is a wonderful author that I can't wait to read more from her.

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