Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Billionaire's Ece by Bec Lindermbra

As a cocktail waitress Regan comes in contact with all sorts of people, including Carter. He's an incredibly wealthy man, a billionaire in fact. Everything seems like it's going well but Regan is uncomfortable with how vastly different they are. From background, to culture, she thinks it's too good to be true.
This is a really good story. It is also the second book in the series, however it can be read independently. I'm planning on looking into the rest of the series.

The story is so very steamy, and passionate. In case you can't tell there is sex. Lots and lots of graphic sex, including some BDSM. So if you're not interested in that I'd avoid this book.

I also enjoyed that it gives you two different perspectives. Starting in Regan's and ending in Carter's. I love being able to see both of the main characters grow, to see what motivates them.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Lotus Effect by Bridget Ladd

Lilly has been slated to become the Mistress of Science since she was born. It's supposed to be a position of power and honor, to create designs to help shape the City Prosper. Supposed to at least now it's just a figurehead of a position. So on her coronation day she turns down the roll to instead fight in the Barrage. The Barrage being a fight between the sectors to change the law. Something that hasn't been done in over eighty years. She must fight side-by-side with Zander, a engineer from her sector who may just be able to safe her life.

I loved loved loved this book. Lilly and Zander have officially become two of my favorite characters of all time. They are intelligent, resourceful, and incredible designers. I honestly would love to see, what their armor looked like, maybe someone will make some fan art. The Barrage is one of my favorite parts. It's something that I'm sure will be compared to the Hunger Games, if only that it's a game where people fight for peoples amusement. However there are some key differences.

Such as:
Barrage: you fight as a team, you win or lose together.
Hunger Games: You fight for you, there is one winner

Barrage: You fight for the right to change the law
Hunger Games: You fight for your life

Barrage: You are free to come and go as you wish
Hunger Games: You're trapped in the arena

Barrage: One sector is chosen to fight for the council and they get special stuff
Hunger Games: People can send you gifts

Barrage: You can not win and survive.
Hunger Games: Unless you win you die.

It was a wonderful engaging story and I can't wait to read the squeal.

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Mercy's Magic by P.J. Day and Elizabeth Basque

Mercedes Cruz is a single mother, private detective, oh and a witch. However she's neglected to practice her abilities, and then manages to get herself tangled up in a case that is way to big for her. She has to work on learning to use her abilities correctly and figure out how to get out of this huge mess.

I really like this story. Mercedes, Mercy is captivating, funny, and extremely fun to get to know through  the dialogue, and her descriptions of everything that happens. I enjoyed all of the characters, and I loved how magic was used. It was an innate ability not something good or bad, just an ability to be used.

Despite enjoying the book over all, the ending wasn't a favorite of mine, it involved a total 180 personality change that just did not feel natural.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Jack Frost by JinHo Ko

This is the plot synopsis from Goodreads "Any high schooler on a nerve-wracking first day at a new school is apt to lose his or her head a little, but in Noh-A's case, she literally does! When she wakes up in one piece with a little help from a mysterious doctor, Noh-A quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems at Amityville High, where paranormal creatures battle for supremacy. Caught in the crossfire, Noh-A may have to rely on the unlikely (and possibly unreliable) aid of the most sinister student at Amityville...the deadly Jack Frost"

This book was very odd, I'm really not sure what to think of. It isn't my typical genre of manga, it's shonen and I typically prefer to read shojo. Nonetheless it wasn't bad per-say it just wasn't my cup of tea.

The art was incredible, the story blurb was promising, but still it fell short for me. Maybe it was that there was too much action and not enough story. Or that the characters seemed way too unreal. Who knows it's an okay book not one I'd recommend but not one that I truly regret reading.

Nest by Ester Ehrlich

Naomi aka "Chirp" is your average girl. With a loving mother, a analyzing psychiatrist father and an older sister. But everything is changing, her mother is sick, and no one knows why. All Chirp wants to do is watch birds and have a good year at school. Now that her mom is in the hospital and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she feels lost and terrified. Who knows whats in store for her?

This book was very sweet and touching, and very, very, sad. I know people with MS, and it is a scary as heck disease. It can completely change a person in every way because in a nutshell, it's a death sentence. A slow, painful, death sentence. To watch someone go through that, it's hard. And to deal with it when you're just a young child, when it's your mother.

I feel in love with Chirp, and her family. I really would love to know more about what happens at the end but maybe there will be a sequel.... I hope so.

I received this book courtesy of Net Galley in exchange for my review, which I freely and honestly give.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Giveaway!!! (Jacob, King of Portalia)

Hello my dear darling readers I am super excited to announce that I have the absolute privilege of hosting a giveaway for a copy of Jacob, King of Portalia. My review for it is here. It is an amazing book and I am super excited to be able to give one of you lovely people a copy. Also, in other news Casey Clubb is going to do a guest post here on September 16th. That is also the release date of  her book Jacob, King of Portalia.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Scary Mary by S.A. Hunter

Life is never easy when you can talk to ghosts, especially if you're in high school. Mary has known she's able to talk to ghosts for as long as she can remember, and has been bullied for it just as long. Now the new guy in town has moved into a haunted house. And the ghost isn't Casper the friendly ghost kind of guy, he wants his house left alone, and will do anything to have his way.

I liked this book, the main male interest was wishy-washy but okay. He goes from being nice, to being a completely unlikeable jerk who's hard headed and won't even listen to explanations. I really just didn't like him. I was more of a fan of the main character who has a head on her shoulders and was really quirky and fun. Her best friend was also a favorite character. The ghost was a jerk but gave us a good villain to hate.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Cheese Stealers Handbook by Shoshaku Jushaku

The summary from GoodReads: I used to write the truth, then smooth it out, tone it down, and try to make it plausible. Then my ex made a convincing case against chronicling my life as a train wreck. She claimed my time would be better spent trying to write about who I want to become. "Write myself a destiny." She said it because she wanted me to become happy . . . Fuck happiness. Happiness writes white. It does not show up on the page. First I think I have to excise my past. No amount of liquor or drugs seems to get rid of the ghosts that haunt me. The ghosts have become buddies with the monkey on my back. I think the monkey might have substance abuse issues himself. Even if I did manage to chase away my demons there might nothing left over . . . If a better me is the goal, maybe I should consider exercise and eating right, or even eating solid food in general before tackling a novel. On second thought . . . where to begin

 I'm really not sure what to think of this book... it was very confusing. Since it's told from the point of view of a drug addict, it being confusing makes sense. I really liked the concept of this book, and I did like the story.  It was neat to see into the head of an addict, even if it makes the story a bit incoherent. 

I'm about 80% sure I like this book. It has humor and heartbreak and love and hate. Everything anyone could want.

I received this books compliments from the author for my review which I freely and honestly give.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Everything Changes by Samantha Hale

Raven has never had a boyfriend, not that she hasn't been asked. She's just not into guys, period. It, however, is something she's never admitted, even to herself. Meeting Morgan changes everything, it's her first really crush. Now she has to admit what she feels, to herself, Morgan, and everyone she cares about.

This is a really great coming out story. Raven goes from lying to everyone including herself, to being comfortable enough to come out for who she is. I love how realistic the story is. Everything is raw and real, not rose tinted. People react poorly, you feel ashamed, you get mad and depressed and angry it happens. Raven is a real person, and I love that. I'd love to read more from her perspective, to see more of what happens in her life.

This book is going to be published on September 1st and I will let you guys know as it gets closer as it is definitely worth the read.

I received this book compliments of NetGalley for my review which I freely and honestly give.