Friday, August 29, 2014

Mercy's Magic by P.J. Day and Elizabeth Basque

Mercedes Cruz is a single mother, private detective, oh and a witch. However she's neglected to practice her abilities, and then manages to get herself tangled up in a case that is way to big for her. She has to work on learning to use her abilities correctly and figure out how to get out of this huge mess.

I really like this story. Mercedes, Mercy is captivating, funny, and extremely fun to get to know through  the dialogue, and her descriptions of everything that happens. I enjoyed all of the characters, and I loved how magic was used. It was an innate ability not something good or bad, just an ability to be used.

Despite enjoying the book over all, the ending wasn't a favorite of mine, it involved a total 180 personality change that just did not feel natural.

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