Friday, August 22, 2014

Nest by Ester Ehrlich

Naomi aka "Chirp" is your average girl. With a loving mother, a analyzing psychiatrist father and an older sister. But everything is changing, her mother is sick, and no one knows why. All Chirp wants to do is watch birds and have a good year at school. Now that her mom is in the hospital and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she feels lost and terrified. Who knows whats in store for her?

This book was very sweet and touching, and very, very, sad. I know people with MS, and it is a scary as heck disease. It can completely change a person in every way because in a nutshell, it's a death sentence. A slow, painful, death sentence. To watch someone go through that, it's hard. And to deal with it when you're just a young child, when it's your mother.

I feel in love with Chirp, and her family. I really would love to know more about what happens at the end but maybe there will be a sequel.... I hope so.

I received this book courtesy of Net Galley in exchange for my review, which I freely and honestly give.

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