Friday, August 29, 2014

The Lotus Effect by Bridget Ladd

Lilly has been slated to become the Mistress of Science since she was born. It's supposed to be a position of power and honor, to create designs to help shape the City Prosper. Supposed to at least now it's just a figurehead of a position. So on her coronation day she turns down the roll to instead fight in the Barrage. The Barrage being a fight between the sectors to change the law. Something that hasn't been done in over eighty years. She must fight side-by-side with Zander, a engineer from her sector who may just be able to safe her life.

I loved loved loved this book. Lilly and Zander have officially become two of my favorite characters of all time. They are intelligent, resourceful, and incredible designers. I honestly would love to see, what their armor looked like, maybe someone will make some fan art. The Barrage is one of my favorite parts. It's something that I'm sure will be compared to the Hunger Games, if only that it's a game where people fight for peoples amusement. However there are some key differences.

Such as:
Barrage: you fight as a team, you win or lose together.
Hunger Games: You fight for you, there is one winner

Barrage: You fight for the right to change the law
Hunger Games: You fight for your life

Barrage: You are free to come and go as you wish
Hunger Games: You're trapped in the arena

Barrage: One sector is chosen to fight for the council and they get special stuff
Hunger Games: People can send you gifts

Barrage: You can not win and survive.
Hunger Games: Unless you win you die.

It was a wonderful engaging story and I can't wait to read the squeal.

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