Monday, October 20, 2014

The Billionaire Borrows a Bride by Myrna MacKenzie

Spencer has spent most of his life trying to avoid the "Fairchild Curse" that is falling in love with his soul mate. His grandmother though is a believer and a very strong proponent of love, and that is what inspires Spencer to take Kate Ryerson to his grandmothers birthday celebration. Seeing as Kate is a woman who doesn't believe in dreaming they should be safe from falling in love, right?

This was a really sweet book. The love story is gradual based on an encounter when Spencer and Kate were children and who they've grown up to be. Although my favorite characters weren't the protagonists they were sweet little Toby (Kate's son) and Loretta (Spencer's Grandmother). They provide the main motivation between the couple coming together and are very well developed side characters.

The only downfall of this book comes in the epilogue. Where you see the tail end of a resolution without having a clue how it came about.

Other then that minor flaw this was a short sweet read that I highly recommend. 

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