Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Midnight Watch by M.J. Lowell

 A very skilled thief has his eye on extreme prize. The Empress of Midnight, the Faberge egg designed in honor of Halley's Comet, that is in the possession of Dimitri Petrovich, a man with questionable. All that's standing in the way of the prize is investigator Cassiopeia Reynolds and Agent Parker from Interpol, and a state of the art security system. Will the exploits of Dimitri and his porn-star mistress distract them? Or will they get too wrapped up in each other?

This is the brand new novella by M.J. Lowell, the author of Reckless Games and it defiantly doesn't disappoint. There is suspense, and intrigue, and lots of steamy moments that keep you hooked. The characters are fantastic, the descriptions are tres manifique.

 This book contains scenes that are of an adult nature so if you aren't into that I'd avoid this book. If not it's pretty much amazing.

This novella gives you a tantalizing hook into a brand new series, one that I can't wait to get a hold of.

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