Friday, October 24, 2014

Embryo by J.A. Schneider

When two extremely rare chromosomal abnormalities cause two infants and one mother to die, both with in hours, Jill Raney begins to get suspicions. However she's only a first year resident and no one believes the two could possibly be related. So she starts an investigation, shaking up the hospital and what she finds is worse then she'd feared.

This book was an intense read, probably more so because my cousin just had a baby girl, and this book tells in pretty explicit detail some of the worst case scenarios for a pregnancy. So if your pregnant or know someone that's pregnant and are prone to panic and worry DON'T READ THIS BOOK. Wait until the baby is born you'll stress less.

Along with an intense thriller the book also has a semi believable romance. Personally I think it's too quick and doesn't have a lot of time to develop. But that's just my opinion.

Even though this book is rich in medical jargon it is pretty well explained so everyone can understand it.

I really enjoyed this book overall, and might have to look into the rest of the series.

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