Monday, December 22, 2014

In Time For Christmas by Heather Blanton

A Brief Summary:
 After two years of being married to Dale, Charlene Williams is a broken woman. Both in body and faith for Dale is a prime example of the worst kind of man, abusive and unfaithful. When during one of her punishments Charlene slips back in time, she thinks she's escaped Dale, and found a shot at true love. However God's plan isn't that straight forward. Will she ever be able to go back to the man she loves or will she be stuck with her demons forever?

My Review:
A sweet little love story between the ages. I really enjoyed this novella, it was the perfect length. It tied up all the loose ends and didn't ruin the story by stretching it out.

I really enjoyed how faith was incorporated in this story. It wasn't preached, it wasn't forced, it was like a homecoming. Accepting being hopeful again.

This book does contain fairly graphic descriptions of abuse so if that's a trigger for you don't read this book.

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