Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Children are meant to have fun and play games, but when the game is a war simulation and pits children against each other to the point it creates hostility then it's Ender's Game.

This is yet another boyfriend recommendation, both because he adores it, it happens to be one of his favorite books and because the movie just came out and he wants to go to it. So far I can't question his taste in books since both of the recommendations from him I've truly enjoyed, though never would have picked up on my own.

This book follows Ender Wiggins and his journey from a semi normal life to becoming a commander in an army by the age of  11 . He is a third, the third child in his family, in a time when population is strictly limited and the only reason he was allowed to be born was because his brother and sister showed the aptitude to be in the army but didn't have the right temperament to become part of the army but Ender did. Even after being taken to the battle school he never fit in mostly due to the interfering of the higher ups. He was separate he was creative, he was there to end the game.

In this book I had to constantly remind myself that Ender is just a kid. He doesn't speak, or act like a kid but he is thrust into a world that he barely understands but he's expected to save. I enjoyed this book, it reminded me that kids are a lot more capable of things than we anticipate, who knows one might actually be what saves us some day.

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