Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fire Lord's Lover by Kathryne Kennedy

In a land of Elven Lords where they are the supreme rulers,humans such as kings are just pawns, pieces, in their endless games. While they are the only ones who have true power every so often there is a child born with enough power to be taken to the fabled land of Elfhame or that's what the Elven Lords want the parents to think. The one person who has escaped this fate is Dominic the bastard son Mor'Ded the fire Elven Lord. Along with his son a resistance  is growing among the populous and they have placed a good amount of their hopes on Lady Cassandra, a woman who is gifted in dancing, a and the new wife of Dominic. Will they be the first to over throw an Elven Lord? Read and find out.

Have I mentioned I love books with Fae or Elves? Well if I haven't I do, rather a lot. And this is an incredible example of the genera. The setting is in England, primarily London and Bath. For those of you confused it's an AU, alternate universe adding a fantasy element to a real life location. Personally I enjoy these types of books, so I loved it.

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