Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dreaming Anastsia by Joy Preble

The story of the Romanov's is a classic that has been told in a million different ways, primarily focusing on Anastasia the youngest daughter of this tragic family. As there are people who still speculate that she survived the massacre that killed her family. In this version of the tale Anastasia survived but barely she is trapped with a mythical creature called the Baba Yaga a fairy tale or should I say nightmare creature from Russia. But enough about Anastasia, for now, this tale is also about Anne her distant retaliative separated by a century or two. Now only Anne can save Anastasia and a few other people who have gotten tied up in this as well.

This story switches between Anastasia, Anne and Ethan giving you all sides of the story. And might I say what a story it is. I must say I love the story of Anastasia since I saw the movie as a child. It got quite a few of the details wrong but it was as good of place as any to start and with the all new twists this story adds is wonderful. I'd love to read more from this author, or more about Anastasia. Both options sound great to me.

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