Monday, February 3, 2014

Assured Destruction by Micheal F. Stewart

Janus has created her own world called the Shadownet and all of her friends live there. They have Twitter Facebook, blogs everything you could want but they aren't real per se they're created from hard drives she's liberated from the shredder from the store she and her mother own called Assured Destruction. All is well on the Shadownet until the newest member Paradise57 gets linked in. Paradise57 is a representation of Jonny a boy from her school and everything starts to go crazy once she adds his hard drive into the Shadownet. Can she figure out who is trying to destroy her life before it's too late?

I absolutely loved this story Janus is an amazingly talented hacker. I know the term hacker has a lot of negative connotations but in this case it isn't meant as such. In this case hacker means some one who is amazing at coding, webdesign and Photoshop. I have friends who can code very similar to this and I consider it to be an incredible skill. This story was intreguing and I really want the rest of this series now. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I did.

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