Friday, February 21, 2014

Six Weeks by Jessica L. Degarmo

Six weeks. Six weeks to make a life changing decision. To keep the baby, put it up for adoption, or abortion. This is the decision that Imogene faces, to become a mom, or not. Taking care of someone is nothing new to her having practically raised her half-sister, but being able to support the three of them, is that something she's ready for?

This story is so very really as it is something that thousands of young women face. The circumstances are different in every situation but it comes down to that one choice. To be a  mom or not. Even without all of the political, and religious pressure, the internal debate to do whats best would be torment. 

This is a subject I don't have first hand experience with, and I'm completely okay with that. This book makes it seem real, the challenges, the fear every thing. I have nothing but respect for the women in these situation, no matter the result of their choice, as long as they made the choice that was right for them.

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