Monday, April 6, 2015

Say Something Series by Brandy Jellum

A Brief Summary:
Both have dark pasts that are coming back to haunt them. But secrets don't make friends, and they can make relationships impossible. Will Reid and Lisa be able to conquer their demons and work toward the future.

My Review:
Personally I liked If I Say Yes better. Characters that I'd grown fond of changed in If I Say No in a way I wasn't really fond of. That being said both books were really good. I just preferred Lisa in book one. Reid however was more humanized in the sequel. You get to see his dark side, instead of the Mr. Perfect he's portrayed as in the first book.

I enjoyed all of the different relationships in the series. They all have variances that make them believable, and easy to get invested in.

Thank you to Good Tales Book Tours for my chance to read this series. It's a great read. Don't forget to check out my last post for a chance at an awesome giveaway!!!!!


  1. Thank you for the review and for hosting!
    <3 Brandy

  2. Hey Sara!

    Thank you so much for hosting Brandy. Sure do appreciate you!

    Laurie Starkey
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