Monday, January 11, 2016

Natsume's Book of Friends Volume 1 by Yuki Midorikawa

A Brief Summary: Natsume can see yokai, spirits, his grandmother could two. She tricked them into giving her their names, binding them to her with her Book of Friends. Now Natsume is giving the names back, and protecting the book from the yokai that want it.

My Review:
I really enjoy this series. It is very episodic because it was originally featured in magazines, so the beginning of each chapter is very similar in case you encountered it partway through. Personally my favorite character is Nyanko-Sensei. He's extremely snarky, acts like he doesn't care, and is extremely powerful although he doesn't show it often. This makes him a good foil to Natsume who is very kind and willing to go out of his to help the yokai.

This manga has a very strong Japanese influence, no surprise there, I just mean it gets a little weird sometimes. Things that are normal there are sometimes quite unusual to us in the western world.

Personally I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read more of the series.

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