Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Melt With You by Jessie Evans

Naomi is famous for her cooking show and her reputation as a chef. Jake is a firefighter in her hometown of Summerville, not only that he's her high school ex. The one who got away or in this case the one that got tossed away when Naomi got a case of wanderlust and left to explore the world, and all of the worlds men. Now she's returned to her hometown to open a bakery with her sister and a friend with her heart bruised and scarred where she bids on Jake to be her date for the next month to the firemen charity events. With his heart as abused as hers will they be able to become friends again? Or maybe even more?

The old high school sweethearts reuniting story, but with the twist of heart-wrenching loss that affected them both in completely different ways. A very sweet story and the beginning of an equally sweet series.

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