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Midnight Blog Tour and Giveaway!!

Title: Midnight
Author: Eve Eschenbacher
Publisher: Booktrope
Publication Date: May 11, 2015
Purchase Links: Amazon ~ Barnes & Nobles
Genre: Young Adult

When ordinary girl, Karen, waits out her last year of high school, she hopes for magic. Her small town has nothing for her and she longs for adventure, which she finds at a party of all places. Finally away from the small town minds she meets someone new.

Someone, who with a few scratches of ink on her skin, awakens a part of her she never knew about. All of a sudden Karen is shown a whole new world, and Gabriel wants her to make it hers. All she has to do is love him eternally. Her new life is magical and amazing, until her new powers bring a new threat.

Can she do what needs to be done? The sacrifices and decisions that will need to be made--Is she strong enough?      

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Author Bio: Eve Eschenbacher lives in the Pacific Northwest with her son and a very fluffy cat. By day she’s a video game voice-over producer, and by night she writes books and freelances as a Japanese translator. Always with a book and a video game close at hand, she probably spends too much time looking at screens.

Guest Post by Eve Eschenbacher

One of the themes of Midnight is history. I love the idea of someone who (spoiler alert!) gets stuck in the past, and gets to use their knowledge of history as a weapon. Personally, I’d love to have the same opportunity that Karen got, which helped in writing her. Maybe it was a little wish fulfillment there. :)
While Karen has to be careful to keep the world to the timeline she knows in order to avoid erasing her own existence (also known as the “Back to the Future effect”), she still gets a chance to play through historical events.
I have a thing for history, especially some of the gowns that the women got to wear. It was one of the reasons that I had Karen visit eighteenth century France. French language and culture has been a fascination of mine, and those big elaborate gowns are just gorgeous. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to wear one. I’m guessing that it would be pretty heavy, compared to my usual jeans and t-shirt combination.
Admittedly, I’ve never been to France. I studied the language for years, but I’ve just never had a chance to see it. It’s a place I’d love to visit someday, and now that Midnight has been published, maybe I should make it a point to go.
I did spend three years living in Japan, though. I immersed myself in the culture and history there, too. I found it utterly humbling to walk through temples that had been built a thousand years ago, and think that something had been standing for that long. I think I carried that over to Midnight.
As I was writing Midnight, I thought about adding in more historical events, but they were starting to drag down the pacing of the story, and some of them were a bit too obscure. My beta readers helped me pare them down so that they didn’t weigh the story down too much, and I think I got enough in there to keep it interesting without getting too overbearing.
How about you, dear readers? If you could live in any historical time, which one would you choose?

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