Sunday, March 8, 2015

Valan Playboys by Scarlett Dawn

A Brief Summary:
Lana grew up thinking that she was weird but human. I mean when yo can control lighting you're not what most people consider normal. So when she meets people who are like her she gets pulled into the world of the valan, her world.
My Review:
I enjoyed the first 90% of this book. The last 10% however felt really rushed. It wasn't tied up nicely, just sort of thrown together and the relationship between and the two kings and Lana needed more development.

That being said I absolutely loved the world. With witches, valkyries, vampires, angels, demons, shifters, mermaids, and warlocks, the valan are incredible. I'd be up for reading more stories set in this universe. Especially if we could learn who Lana's parents were.

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