Friday, January 17, 2014

Be Still My Soul by Randy Petersen

Growing up Catholic, attending mass, I've heard many hymns throughout my life. I love some for the melody for the meaning, but others I believe drag far too much, that's what comes from taking choir for six years. Until now I never knew much about where they came from or who wrote them. Be Still My Soul opens the door into knowing more about this huge part of mass that few people give much thought to.

This is one of those books that you can read straight through or pick and choose which song you feel like learning more about. Personally this is a style of book that I enjoy giving you more freedom also it's a book that could take hours or days to read. Giving you plenty of time to reflect on what learn. This particular book includes some if my favorite hymns. Such as Amazing Grace, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and Shall We Gather At The River.

The songs and composers are organized alphabetically to make finding what you want nice and simple.  From Christmas to Easter and praise and worship there are songs for every occasion with sheet music included for every song.

I received Be Still My Soul compliments of Tyndale Blog Network for my honest review which is freely given.

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