Monday, January 27, 2014

The Doctor's Secret Bride by Ana E. Ross

Michelle has lost her job due to downturn in the economy so she accepts a position as a nanny for a seven year old girl named Precious. Her father Erik is a widower whose wife died two years ago in a traumatic car wreck.While working for Erik, they all start to become a family but will their little family survive the truth of who killed Erik's wife and a secret marriage?

This is a good Cinderella-esque story. A down on her luck woman meets a rich man and then they fall in love and happily ever after right? Well close just add a few snags along the way and that is the basis of this story.A classic story that people keep falling in ve with no matter how many adaptations there are. This one while not one of the best I've read it definitely isn't one of the worst. I feel this author is someone who I'd enjoy reading more of to see what some of her other stories are like.

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