Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Salty Caramel Christmas by Barbara Loher

Rachel's year hasn't been the best, cheated on by her now ex boyfriend, partying too hard, slipping grades, now coming home for Christmas things some how get worse. Her little brother is out of control and her mom's health has deteriorated since she was home for Thanksgiving. Needless to say she isn't feeling very merry this Christmas. Can she turn her life around? Will it take someone from her past that she completely overlooked to help make her holiday feel more like Christmas? Well read the book and find out.

For a Christmas story this is very melancholy, for at least the first three quarters of the books don't expect warm and fuzzy you won't get it until the very end where it gets sort of happier. It was still a good story just not super happy and Christmasy, just be aware before you start reading and expect a happy story.

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