Monday, January 13, 2014

The Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch

Solena is a young girl from the city of Torrani blessed with the gift of healing. Despite her gift she isn't strong enough to cure her grandfather so she must go in search of tymia in Oden, which is constantly at war with her people. She travels to this hostile country, gets captured and branded a spy. With a little help, a lot of luck and of faith she just might make it out of Oden and home alive.

I absolutely love when authors are able to create a brand new world filled with unique customs and traditions and draw you in so completely that you want to know more. Lena Goldfinch did that with this book. Two completely different places connected in their past but so very different in their current customs with the exception being the votiffs. A religious totem that both cultures revere.

I finished this book in less than a day I loved it so much and I highly reccomend it to anyone who likes love stories or faith stories.

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