Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Broken Symmetry by Dan Rix

A Brief Summary:
Imagine that you could do anything that you wanted. Kiss the person of your dreams, go on a crime spree, take revenge on a person who wronged you, and then when you were done just step back through the mirror and none of it actually happened. That's Blaire's new reality but crossing over (going through mirrors to parallel dimensions) is dangerous to both her body and her mind. Now a cross over has gone wrong and she has to find her way home, but home isn't where or even what she thought it is.

My Review:
This book is trippy, and I loved ever second of it. Granted I love the idea of parallel universes and this book gives a new spin on the idea. One of the rules of crossing over is always know how to get back to the source, but one question has to be asked. Is this the true source?

Most of the characters were pretty standard. You have your reckless brooding love interested, the pesky distraction female, and your lead female. For the distraction girl, Amy, I wish she was better written I really do. You just don't get much about her and there's nothing to redeem her or make you like her. Damian is pretty typical, but I did like him and his soft side. Blaire, has her moments but over all isn't a favorite.

I loved the world. It's well thought through and developed. I also liked the concept of overlap. That's when you can remember something that happened to your reflection. It ends up being fairly important and in my opinion is very well played.

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