Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Operation Cinderella by Hope Tarr

A Brief Summary:
Macie is from a tiny town in bible country, gone full fledged New Yorker. Ross is a charming radio personality with a daughter with a wild streak of her own. Now Macie is going undercover as "Martha Jane" a nanny and housekeeper with old fashioned values to get back at Ross for slandering her article on his talk show. But will she get the dirt or will she fall for his southern charm?

My Review:
This is a sweet little love story, a classic opposites attract. He's super conservative she's extremely liberal.

I liked the characters a lot, he's very much a prince charming type, however you find out that he has flaws. Not many but still it humanizes him to a relatable level. Where as she is a major rebel due to her not so perfect high school years. This gives us two main characters that we can identify and sympathize with and Ross's daughter also has some secrets of her own.

The shoes that Macie receives from her friends before the beginning of "Operation Cinderella" are seeming like they're going to be what ties the series together. After all they have a story of their own and get passed on. I can't wait to see where the series goes from here.

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