Thursday, February 12, 2015

H2O by Virginia Bergin

A Brief Summary:
When water becomes deadly you have to be careful in order to survive. But what good is surviving if everyone you know and love is dead? That's what happens to Ruby and the only thing keeping her going is the thought that her dad is out there waiting on her.

My Review:
I absolutely loved the premise, but the narrator killed me. Ruby is your stereotypical snobby teenage girl. One prime example of this is when she runs into Darius, one of the few people who have survived, and she wants nothing to do with him. Purely because he was a loser in school. Personally I can't stand that personality type and it hindered my enjoyment of the book.

Other then that I really liked the story. The idea that a bacteria could use water to infect living creatures is fascinating. The world is very well built, and I loved some of the side characters. Such as Darius, and Ruby's step father Simon. Both had survival skills and a head on their shoulders.

Overall change narrators and I'd love this book.

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