Friday, February 27, 2015

The Figaro Murders by Laura Lebow

A Brief Summary: 
Lorenzo De Ponte made a modest living as the court poet in Vienna. When he made an impulsive agreement, one that would cause him no end of hassle. This agreement, to help find his barber's birth parents, would embroiled him in a murder that he must help solve. All while working on The Marriage of Figaro with Mozart.

My Review:
Murder, betrayal, intrigue, unrequited love The Murder of Figaro has it all. This book originally caught my eye because a couple of my friends performed a duet from The Marriage of Figaro for solo and ensemble when we were in high school. I fell in love with that duet then, and with rose tinted glasses picked up the book. I enjoyed the book just as much.

Choosing to focus on the librettist (libretto writer, libretto being the singers copy) rather than the more famous composer (wrote the musical score) Mozart was, in my opinion, a great choice. He's lesser known so it gives you more wiggle room when writing a fictional story. Also the author so kindly provided some details from his real life, and about his operas in the author's note.

The characters that the author created for seamlessly into De Ponte's life. While the characters with real life counterparts stayed true.

I enjoy how all of the plot lines got resolved, from the premiere of Figaro, to the murder, and even finding the barber's parents. It's all interwoven and plays out beautifully, while subtly hinting that there maybe a sequel on the horizon.

This book is set to release on March 31st 2015.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

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