Monday, February 9, 2015

Footsteps In The Sky by Greg Keyes

A Brief Summary: The Hopi came to this new world with the promise that it would be theirs. However the planet that they have painstakingly terraformed wasn't originally meant for them, the original terraformers have returned and they have to decide if the humans who have taken their planet are worth saving, or if they should sterilize the planet and start anew.

My Review:
I can't lie this book took me awhile to get into. It starts off pretty slow and it switches POV's causing a little bit of confusion. However once I got about halfway through the book I was hooked.

The characters are extremely well developed, and the worlds are incredible. I liked that the form that the original farmer of the world took was Pela, Sand's (one of the main characters) mother. It makes their relationship really interesting.

I also enjoy how there are multiple factions. The lowlanders, the traditionals, the Reeds, and the ancient farmers. I love the dynamic. You have these petty feuds and the very real possibility that they will be completely wiped out at any time.

It's an awesome metaphor. That things that you worry about can equal almost nothing when there is a bigger threat to worry about.

This book is set to release May 26 2015. It's defiantly worth the read.  

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.

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