Sunday, February 1, 2015

Parallel by Claudia Lefeve

A Brief Summary: There's alternate dimensions that are parallel to the one that Etta lives in. Now she's being taken back to the dimension she was born in, and discovering that she has powers that nobody else possesses. The reason she has these abilities and why she was hidden in a different dimension is going to become clear very soon and when it does, it's not going be pretty.

My Review:
I love the idea of parallel dimensions. Where every decision no matter how minor creates a new dimension. It's fascinating, the idea that every relationship you've ever had ending badly and succeeding, every bad grade being a perfect one, all at once just in different dimensions.

I didn't love that the author didn't play with it more. That there's vague time jumping but not very much about the alternate dimensions. Granted this is the first book in a series so I hope the author will play with it more.

Overall the story was really good. The characters while most of them aren't fully fleshed out the have good potential. The one "good guy" I'm not a huge fan of is Cooper. His relationship with Etta is weird, I can't explain without major spoiler but I'm not a fan. At very least it should've been explained differently.

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