Friday, January 9, 2015

Artificial Evil by Colin F. Barnes

A Brief Summary:
Life in the dome is simple. You do what you're told and hope your name doesn't pop up in the D-lottery. For Gerry he doesn't have to worry about the D-lottery, or at least he shouldn't have to. When his name comes up in the lottery his life changes dramatically. Now he has to keep off the grid recruited by two texorcists, people who help get rid of malicious AIs. Including the one that added his name to the D-lottery list in the first place. When an even worse AI tries to take down the dome will the texorcists and now Gerry be able to stop it?

My Review:
While I liked this book it was a little difficult to get into. I tried to start it two or three times before I got invested in it. That being said people who are more of a science fiction fan then I am will love this book.

I don't have any spots that I truly loved. The story was pretty good, the characters were okay, but nothing truly stood out to me. All in all it was an okay read. I don't think I'll continue the series. It just didn't stand out enough in my eyes to make it worth it.

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