Friday, January 16, 2015

Talented by Sophie Davis

A Brief Summary: When you're born with a Talent you generally have one choice, join TOXIC because if you don't and they find you, well lets just say its not pretty. Talia is mind manipulator one of the strongest ever documented and after her parents were murdered she decided to get revenge. The best way to get revenge was to join the elite branch of TOXIC also known as the hunters. However being a hunter may not be what she thought it was. When her world starts spinning out of control will she be able to regain control or will it all fall apart?

My Review:
Loved this book! Dystopian young adult novels are quickly becoming my addiction. Donovan I liked but it was a suspicious kind of like. He's a sneaky snake, but a clever snake. Also he's been Talia's best friend forever and also her first love.

I liked Erick far more he's portrayed as a womanizer, but with a weakness for Talia. Protective and sweet, he adds a needed element to the team trio, Talia the hot head newbie, Henri the father figure, and Erick the right hand man.

In the first section of the beginning chapters you learn about how the Talents came about, more about TOXIC, it's a great exposition. I loved how you get the background and it melds so perfectly.

I can't wait for the sequel to figure out what happens, darn cliffhangers.

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