Thursday, January 15, 2015

Daisy McDare and The Deadly Real Estate Affair by K.M. Morgan

A Brief Summary:

Daisy has a keen intuition and a gigantic sweet tooth and a knack for running into dead bodies. Now her life seems to be going the way she wants a great boyfriend, new job, something is bound to happen. So when she arrives on her second day of her decorating job and finds out her boss is dead things are bound to get interesting again.

My Review:
This book was adorable. It's fast paced, a healthy dose of suspense, and lots of laughs.

I always enjoy when the victim is someone you love to hate. That's Scott, the overbearing boss, terrible husband, and father, pick the villain and it fits. I enjoy this type of victim because everyone's a suspect and you don't just guess the answer right away.

I also really enjoyed Daisy she loves what she does but she gets herself embroiled in messes to help her friends. I also like her sweet tooth and am now craving cupcakes.

I look forward to more by this author she seems to have found her niche.

 I received a PDF copy of this book in exchange for my free and honest review.

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