Saturday, January 3, 2015

Different by Alycia Linwood

A Brief Summary: Every healthy elemental has one element, so why did Moria wake up able to sort of wield fire, when she's an air elemental? Slightly worried about this development her parents whisk her off to a secluded island so they could figure out what was happening to her. While on this island Moria meets Noah a boy knows more than what he's saying about her two elements. Being an intelligent person Moria doesn't trust him automatically, however when desperate times call for desperate measures she decides to trust him and a group of people with him, for now at least.

My Review:
This is a book was an immensely developed world, partially because there is a proceeding series. The Element Preservers series, that being said while it would give background on the world you don't need to read it to understand Different.

One of my favorite aspects of this books is the elements. How different people with the same elements can have different abilities and different strengths. And mixing in a second element just adds to the chaos and I love it!

I love that it's not just another love story. Moria's more focused on her family, and helping others then falling in love. There's a couple of guys that may end up being love interests in the future, but it's not a focus. I'm also extremely interested in Jaiden (the leader of Noah's group). He's got a sordid past that we get a glimpse of in Different and I hope we get to learn more about him in the future.

I look forward to reading the rest of the series. It's fast paced and interesting. I also want to look into the prequel series, Element Preservers. To get more of a feel of the world and see how somethings that were referenced came to pass.

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