Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Descendant by Nichole Giles

A Brief Summary:  All of her life Abby has moved from place to place trying to keep her gifts secret. Moving to Jackson might be counterproductive to this plan. There she meets Kye a boy who seems to know her secret, and have a few of his own. Now something dark is after her and she's running again, but this time she's not alone, Kye is at her side.

My Review:
So far this year i've been incredibly lucky to find so many books with incredibly developed worlds. Descendant  is no exception. A rich lore and backstory, with dynamic and creative characters. Making this an instant love and add to my list of re readable books.

One part of this that I love is that it has all of the classic fairy tale elements, from cursed lovers, to an epic quest that must be undertaken, adding in fairies and mortals with abilities called gifts. It's beautifully done, a masterfully woven tale.

Another thing that I enjoy although you get a case of insta love between Kye and Abby it still develops and is well written.

I also really loved the story it's creative, and full of twists. Some characters that make you want to strangle them, because they are jerks and terrible people.

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