Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Adventures in Funeral Crashing by Milda Harris

After her mom's death Kait started funeral crashing. To hear the stories of peoples life, and feel closer to her mom who died recently. When she runs into Ethan Ripley at his sister's funeral, life takes a turn for the dangerous. Ethan thinks his sister was murdered, or at least didn't purposefully OD because there had been two other girls who had died from a heroin overdose, from the same college. So after accusing Kait of being a druggie she decides to help him figure-out what really happened to his sister.

This book isn't what I expected, in a very good way. The protagonist has dimensions, she has her likes, her dislikes, isn't a miss perfect. Also her thought process is defiantly what mine was like when I was her age. Ethan is also a really intriguing I love how he is consistently focused on his sister, while still living his life. Kait and Ethan's romance also develops at a believable pace, no instant love.

All in all it's a book that I would happily recommend to anyone in high school.

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